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6 Tips for Becoming a Better Project Manager

16 August 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Jason Smith in Talent Agents

How to be a better project manager

Project managers plan, organize, direct, and oversee organizational projects to ensure they're completed on time, within the designed scope, and on budget.

Besides leading projects to completion, effective project managers should manage risks, negotiate with all stakeholders, control costs and resources, and be avid communicators. In this article, we'll outline tips that will help you become a better project manager.

1. Sharpen your project management skills

Having the right balance between soft and technical skills makes you an effective project manager. Whether at junior, middle or senior level, additional training from certified institutions such as Kaizania will help improve your technical knowledge to understand technical-related issues better and become a scrum master.

2. Improve your communication skills

An effective project manager knows how to communicate and connect with the people at different levels, clearly articulating the project goals and the team's expectations, responsibilities, and tasks. He should motivate the team for optimal performance to achieve set objectives with the available resources.

3. Good negotiation and team-building skills

The ability to negotiate is a very crucial pillar in project management. This comes in handy, especially in times of crisis where conflict may arise due to differences in opinions. A solution needs to be found fast enough to maintain a harmonious environment that enhances the team's focus on the objective at hand.

In doing this, a good project manager has to be open, just, and fair to all the team members to create and maintain cohesiveness and teamwork.

A team leader who listens to different opinions commands respect and can convince and arrive at an amicable solution within the shortest time possible.

4. The ability to work well under pressure.

Some challenges in the execution of a project may test the project manager's patience. They will need to keep calm under such circumstances even as they contemplate the best possible solution without deviating from the project objective.

This will serve to keep the team effectively focused on the job delivery. Good decision-making skills are paramount, especially in projects with limited resources, harsh conditions, and strict timelines.

5. Ability to rally a team towards a shared vision

Good project management skills require a practical breakdown of the intended vision to the team in a simple, straightforward manner. Visionary leadership aligns the team in the right direction.

It empowers them to experience the vision on their own by creating an environment of mutual understanding of the needs of the project and all stakeholders. The team tends to be more productive if they understand the impact of their effort on a project.

6. Take advantage of project management tools.

Project management tools ease planning and delegation of duties to team members, dashboard organization, assignment of responsibilities, commenting and approval of tasks, and proofing.

Additionally, project management tools have storage, versioning, and editing features that come in handy in case of a mishap. Project managers are also able to monitor growth and productivity using resource management and reporting tools.


Project managers play a significant role in an organization's productivity, growth and success. The tips discussed above will help you become a better project manager.

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