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7 Tips For Recruiting Foreign Workers

Considerations for recruiting foreign talent for your business

Globalisation has affected all processes taking place on the globe. It has become easier to get a job abroad for employees and business owners; it has become much easier to find suitable candidates using technology. If you, as a business owner, are considering attracting new employees from abroad.

We have prepared this informative guide and collected the most critical points that you should pay attention to before starting the hiring process.

Start from the permissive documents

This is not even worth saying that the process of hiring foreign workers should be legal. Because if you go the other way, then the benefits that you get using the labour of illegal immigrants will be in a wicked sense not comparable to the problems that you have when the controlling authorities find out about it.

Therefore, you need to start the recruitment and hiring process by obtaining the appropriate documents, namely a Certification from the Department of Labor.

Also, you need to analyse the current legislation on the use of the labour of immigrants and make sure that none of the actions that you have committed or plan to commit contradict these standards.

A good option is to hire a specialised lawyer and consult with him.

Write a comprehensive job description

Everything here is similar to the approaches that we use in marketing. An accurate and attractive description of a position in the company, as well as the same description of a product or service, will work for your benefit, forcing more and more talented candidates to send you their resume.

Therefore, you need to write a job description correctly.

  • Write down a complete list of duties so that your overseas employee does not encounter deceived expectations.
  • Describe the best skills and personal qualities that you seek abroad.
  • Make a list of tools or technologies with which a foreign employee will work in your company.
  • And a few words about the salary. Some companies do not knowingly indicate the level of remuneration, but it is still more reasonable to suggest at least a minimum limit. Thus, you will immediately cut off foreign candidates who find this amount small and reduce the burden on your HR department.

Make sure you have posted it on the website your target employees use

It is essential not only to draw up the correct description but also to publish it on the right site. Everything here also works on the principle of marketing - you need to get to the target audience.

If you post vacancies on global job boards Indeed, you certainly will not be mistaken, because applicants from all over the world will use this platform or its localised versions. But also, you need to find several platforms that are popular in the country you want to hire workers from and also publish your vacancies on them. Not all candidates start searching with Indeed, and maybe not all consider relocation, but it may be that your job will interest a potential candidate.

Consider visa issues in advance

In addition to the fact that you must have the right to hire foreign employees, foreign employees must have the right to work with you. Their freedom is an appropriate visa, which is obtained for a certain period and gives a person the right to work in a specific country, plus free movement within its limits, and also obliges him to leave the country after the expiration of the employment contract.

If you hired a lawyer to obtain a certificate, then consult with him the employees of which country has the most favourable and straightforward visa conditions for working in your country.

Offer a balanced salary

We have already said a few words about the salary of foreign employees. But it is essential not only to publish at least the lower limit but also to make this figure balanced.

For example, if you want to attract employees from Eastern Europe to the USA, then it is evident that wages in Europe are many times lower. And the amount that will seem to Europeans to be unrealistically rich in their country will be just a drop in the ocean in America.

Therefore, take into account the fact that your employees will live and work in your country, so their salary should be adequate for living in America, for example.

Take mentality into account

In other words, you need to know what to be prepared for immediately. And it'sits better to consider workers from a country whose values ​​are as consistent as possible with the values ​​of your company initially. For example, Europeans are just crazy about caring for the environment, and this is the right approach.

Therefore, if your company produces environmental goods, or care about ecology is one of your primary missions, then you will find a response among potential European employees. Or, if you want to hire a Japanese, then be prepared that he will work day and night, of course, if you convince him that he needs it.

If you are hiring a remote team

If you hire a remote team, then the number of necessary actions for this is reduced. You no longer need to solve visa issues, but you still need to think about how to formalise remote employees legally and how to pay taxes correctly in this case.

Plus, you will have to conduct more complex interviews and testing, as everything will happen in a remote format. And of course, you need to provide a budget for attracting foreign candidates, even for remote work.

If at the moment you do not have the opportunity to freely take this amount out of the company company's turnover, but you are sure that you need to hire new employees, you can always borrow a little from services like Lendgenuis.

At the same time, you should not prove to anyone the advisability of your idea, especially if you are 100% sure of its correctness and potential profitability.


Thus, it is not so difficult to hire employees from abroad. Especially if you analyse all the legislative subtleties and possible pitfalls in advance.

Plus, you also need to take into account the difference in mentality and come up with the most advantageous offer that would be worth changing the usual way of life and making a relocate decision.

About the author

Mónica Rodríguez is a writer, art historian, and editor located in the tropical island of Puerto Rico. She specialises in Art History, Art Conservation, History, Literature, Finance, Tech, Wellness, and Travel. In her free time, she's usually roaming the halls of the museum or the local bookstore surrounded by stacks of books.

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