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How Does Resume Parsing Speed up The Recruitment

How resume parsing works

Imagine a recruiter receiving 100-500 applications per day for the posted jobs, then how much applicants in total by the end of the month? Recruitment is not only about receiving, and processing resumes but much more to it. Working on thousands of resume every month is not easy.

You really need a dedicated team who can only work on recruitment and should be cost-effective. As hiring is not always demanding in most of the companies. There is a certain period where most of the companies roll out jobs and work on it. Considering the recruitment is mostly reoccurring how easy it is for a team to manage it smoothly?

Parse Resume is a process which converts the unstructured form of data to the structured one. It is also known as CV parser or software to analyse resume, converts it into a digital format like XML, JSON and stores it automatically. Recruiters who had a hard time in selecting candidates the conventional way has the breakthrough with this software. This has reduced the cost and manpower involved in getting candidates onboard.

The entire recruitment carries a lot of steps and must undergo lots of processes. The initial stage where an organisation post job/jobs on online portals the tendency to receive a huge response is quite inevitable. But the next challenge comes how to response these queries and how to filter those resumes which are in numbers. Is it so easy for the handful of the team to go through each resume and then reject or take it forward?

A good resume parser helps recruitment team in various ways:

  • It can automatically identify language and region and parse accordingly. For example, if the company is global and they have jobs for various locations resume parser helps them to filter resumes as per locations. In the end, it gives them a fair idea about applicants as per the location.
  • It Parses resumes in a readable format or digital like PDF, RTF, HTML which is easy to read and save for future references. Also, it can be integrated and shared with any other department or location in less time. This digital format is easy to read all
  • Depending upon job requirement or some specific mentions, recruiters can always enable or disable field in the resume parser software. Surely, it sounds more like a customisation as per the requirement. Needs differ as per organization structure and multiple factors which are variable and can’t be considered always as a major work. Not to mention, Customisation is the key to comfort and setting their own guidelines to work with.
  • Resume parsing has a detailed library of taxonomies, basically, a type of arrangement, which can help recruiters to identify skills and a feature like configuration helps in unbiased recruitment.
  • Language is never a barrier in Resume parsing, and it supports parsing in multiple languages across helping recruiters to save time and other aspects while they churn the right talent for their organisation. Global organisations where one language is not enough to resume parsing is working as a breakthrough for recruiters. Also, One of the features of resume parsing extracts information into 100+ data fields which are an added advantage.
  • Apart from multiple roles a resume parson does, it also helps to create data of all applicants who had applied and respective process which ultimately helps to create executive and management summary for the long-term need.

Resume parsing is nothing but a technology which has been developed considering the heavy load on recruiters when they float jobs online. This process allows processing resumes in an intelligent way of helping recruiters manage resume documents sent online. This is far more convenient and efficient for the application screening process. This software helps them to gather, organise, store all the information they receive in the form of applications and resumes.

Resume parser technology does not only filter resumes but it also extracts information, work history, skills and educational background. Recruiters can use this information’s to check their credibility and other background checks which are generally not part of any resume or application. Resume parsing technology has achieved almost near-human accuracy with more than 90% efficiency and working has a major helping hand to recruiters.

Robots or technology has always an edge over humans in terms of accuracy and speed. Resume parsing technology is fast enough to save everyone’s time and resource by eliminating the initial level of screening in much lesser time, can reduce their response time, scheduling interview process and quickly filling the positions across!

Resume parson technology has a huge potential to save cost and helping as incredible resource saver. Recruiters from organisations are the most benefitted with this software and changing the hiring trend in much easier and adaptable ways. No doubt, this technology is getting popular in most of the organisations and getting benefitted with it.

About the author

Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improves your marketing, sales or hiring process

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