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Starting Job in SEO If You Are Older

16 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Matthew Finnighan in Talent Agents

How to become a non millenial SEO

Many people nowadays tend to take a turn in their careers; not just the younger people, but also the older people as well. With such high demand in the IT industry, it is no wonder that people are gladly changing directions and embarking on a new journey.

But, the issue is that the IT industry usually looks for young professionals. And, truth to be told, getting a grip on IT in older age is quite tricky, especially if a person had nothing to do with this industry before.

Nevertheless, starting a career in SEO, for example, might be a more comfortable bite to chew. With numerous online courses and services like EssayShark, as well as accessibility to information, becoming an SEO specialist shouldn't be so hard.

Right? Well, in the following paragraphs, we will take a look at what it takes to become an SEO specialist at an older age, among all the young, fresh and fast professionals.  

Acquiring the skills 

To start a completely new career in SEO, you must start learning and acquiring a new set of skills. It is impossible to get a job in SEO without knowing at least the very basics.

Therefore, you must know how to read and code HTML, you should be a good writer, and well, you should know what SEO is and does. Without at least these few skills, your career in SEO won't be promising.

However, it is essential to bear in mind that these skills are just half of what's required. A job in SEO also requires excellent communication skills, not just skills in computer science.

It is essential to know how to communicate with clients and explain the goal of the business.

So, a combination of both sets of skills is what a job in SEO requires. Sure, it may be harder to acquire them fast or as well as the younger colleagues, but with enough hard work, it is doable.  

Doing the homework

Before even getting into SEO, it is essential to do the reading homework. Some of the best advice SEO specialists can give you usually revolve around reading, and even more reading.

For example, for anyone trying to get into SEO, The Art of SEO is a must-read. The book revolves around SEO, of course, and provides an in-depth look into what search engine optimisation is, what it requires, and how it perfect the art.

Moreover, make sure also to read SEO blogs published by Google and Bing, or studies published by SEO companies or companies like Search Metrics and Bright Edge.

These companies release studies on their data, which can be extremely useful for someone who wants to get into SEO.  

Acquiring certifications 

For someone to work in SEO, it is crucial to have some proof of your knowledge and skills. Regardless of how old you are, certifications are necessary.

For starters, let's say that any Google certification will do the job and provide you with a massive advantage in the SEO job market.

The one certification you should be looking for, however, is the Google Analytics one. You can also attend some SEO courses to acquire more skills and practice.

Courses like SEO Training by Moz, SEO 101 by Distilled or Bruce Clay SEO training will make you ready for the adventure in the new career.    

Determination and persistence

When you're trying to get into the business of the young professionals, as an older person, it can be very demotivating and easy to give up. Not to mention the fact that you're completely changing your career and entering a new industry. 

Sure, the obstacles you might have to deal with are real and waiting. Since you're older, it might be more challenging to get a grasp of SEO quickly and efficiently.

It may also be a little harder to learn all the information or get to practice as much as you need. But, it is essential not to be hard on oneself.

Learning and acquiring new skills takes time, no matter how old you are. Therefore, all you have to do is stay determined and persistent.

Just focus on your goal and work hard to get there. In the end, it will be worthy, as well as exciting and incredibly satisfying.  

But, is SEO really for you? 

Sometimes, people want to start a new career because they've heard it pays good, or the work is easy and a refreshing new thing to try out. But, it doesn't mean that they'll enjoy doing it, or that they'll be okay.

That is why it is important to make sure to see whether SEO is for you.

You need to be confident that this will be a passion of yours before acquiring the necessary skills.  

For example, if you are not a fan of constant change and learning, SEO might not be the job for you. SEO is changing rapidly, almost every day, and there is always something new to learn.

It also requires your full attention, so if you are having a hard time maintaining a balance between professional and personal life, move away from SEO.

That might be the main reason that so many young people work in SEO in the first place. It allows them to have the same life obligations, and older people have.

But, if you want to make it in this industry, these things won't bother you then.  

Protip! If you're looking for a digital job but think SEO isn't the right fit for you, then check out these 10 Amazing Jobs For Older People

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