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10 Tips For Effective e-Recruitment

25 September 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Adam Reynolds in Talent Agents

Effective e-recruitment tips

Recruitment can be a complicated process for many companies, especially when it comes to hiring for highly specific or talent-focused roles. But with e-recruitment now available to bridge the gap between you and the candidates you're trying to reach, finding the perfect fit for that role is easier then ever – if you do it right. Getting e-recruitment right requires a little extra input at the start, but it more than pays off in the results you can achieve.

Here are ten tips for effective e-recruitment to get you started:

1. Create copy that's engaging to your chosen audience

The job description for the average posting represents the 'face' of your company. This makes it vitally important to create copy for your job advertisements that speak to your target audience and sells the job you're recruiting for.

The first paragraph of your description is the most important and should be what draws potential candidates in by engaging them with the role you're hoping to fill. Think personable, exciting and accurate to the job at hand to get the best quality candidates for your vacancies.

2. Ensure you use the correct terms when creating job postings

While creating an exciting new job title for that position you're hoping to fill might seem like a great way to stand out, there are some downsides to not using the correct terms when posting vacancies. Because of the way search algorithms work, the keywords you use within your job description, and even the title of the role, can make a considerable amount of difference to its visibility.

Use keywords that you know candidates will be searching for, such as 'Programmer', 'Executive' or 'Administrator', and you're more likely to have qualified candidates finding your vacancies.

3. Make the company a selling point

It's important to remember that you're selling your company to candidates just as much as they are trying to sell their talent to you. As such, when it comes to talking about the company they might be working for, using emotive and friendly language is the best way to go.

Don't bend the truth about what your workplace is like, but sell your company in the same way you would a product for the best possible results. You want people to want to work at your company, as that will keep them coming back for other job postings in the future.

4. Always include the provisional salary

Salary can often be something companies feel can be negotiated further down the line, but that big 'TBD' or even a 'based on experience' can be a big red flag for job searchers. It saves your company time, and saves the time of candidates, by posting at least a provisional salary or salary band on your job posting.

It's a quick, easy way to weed out those with too much or too little experience for the role you're trying to fill, especially in industries where similar job titles can mean very different responsibilities.

5. Include all the facts without sounding robotic

The purpose of a job description in e-recruitment is to draw job seekers in and let them know all about the position you're offering. While it's essential to include all the details about the role, such as crucial responsibilities or qualifications required, it's just as vital to show personality when it comes to a position.

The way a job is described beyond semantics can tell potential candidates a lot about what the role is beyond its formal title. Using words such as 'challenging' or 'forward-thinking' can quickly convey far more to candidates than a list of descriptions or responsibilities ever could.

6. Use the technology available to you

Often in e-recruiting, it's easy to fall back on old methods when it comes to the point past choosing candidates to bring to an interview. But following through with more modern practices such as video screening, online conversations or even digital testing can prove that your company is as forward-thinking as their initial hiring processes.

Not only does this open up the talent pool, but it offers the opportunity to capture talent that might otherwise be unavailable to you for in-person interviews or meetings.

7. Respond to every applicant

It can be tempting to leave unsuitable candidates hanging when it comes to the e-recruitment process. Many job seekers expect it when they apply for roles. But taking the time to craft even a short response is vital for future communication with those that haven't made the cut – especially if you feel they should apply for other positions at your company in the future.

Taking the time to respond, especially at the interview stage, can nurture their preference for your company, and make them great candidates in the future.

8. Know your timescale before you post a job advertisement

If you're posting a job solely for 'putting the feelers out', then you're likely missing out on some great talent. And maybe even burning bridges when it comes to candidates that could be great for your company. Knowing a reliable time frame from posting to interview is a must for e-recruitment, to ensure you don't lose strong candidates along the way.

9. Invest in advertising for high-skill roles

When it comes to high-level, high-skill roles, it's no surprise that finding that ideal candidate is far more of a challenge than lower-level positions. That's why, if you're looking for something highly specific, investing in online advertising or even headhunting services is a great place to start.

This provides better-qualified candidates and helps you reach the people you want to employ, instead of waiting for them to come to you.

10. Understand what you're looking for before you begin looking

Perhaps you've opened up a new position in your company, and you aren't yet sure the proper shape of that role. Maybe your business is evolving, and you require someone that can change along with it.

When it comes to e-recruitment, not knowing precisely what you're looking for can be a severe disadvantage, and make it far more difficult to find qualified candidates.

Having a solid idea of what skillset you want, and the type of employee you need will make it far easier to recruit more efficiently, and retain employees beyond that too.

For effective e-recruitment to be successful, it's about more than just putting your job posting out there. Taking the time to think about what you want – and figure out what candidates you're trying to attract – is far more likely to lead to success.

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