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Get Professional Social Media Services In South Africa

01 January 2019 | 2 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Updates

South African social media marketing agency

So you've launched your online business, or you've created social media accounts, but no one seems to be interacting on your posts or contacting you via social media, your audience hasn't grown, and you're starting to feel like social media isn't the right place to advertise your business.

If this situation sounds all too familiar, then you require a social media marketing expert. Social media has become a highly competitive industry and getting users to pay attention to your message, and your brand has turned into an art form. 

If social media marketing has not worked for you in the past or you would like to get started with social media marketing then consulting a social media agency like nichemarket can help advise you on the right measures to take to see results.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the art reaching customers on various social media platforms and encouraging them to interact with your brand to get them to use your services. By leveraging effective content campaigns and combining them with paid advertising within social media platforms, social media marketing helps you reach a targetted audience who would likely be interested in your product or service.

Work With a Trusted Social Media Marketing Company in South Africa

nichemarket is an experienced Social Media Marketing Agency (based in Cape Town) and adheres to best practice guidelines to ensure optimal reach, brand visibility, targeted traffic as well as higher conversions from social media platforms. We have a proven record with improving website rankings for a number of clients who appeal to both local and international audiences. 

We've worked with sites across a wide range of sectors such as eCommerce, B2B services, Community Outreach, Education, On-demand services, Travel Agencies, and so much more. We know how to create engaging narratives that will allow your brand to stand out in social media feeds or get your ads in front of the right audience to ensure your message resonates with the ideal target audience.

What does Social Media Marketing Cost in South Africa?

Social media marketing has become a specialised profession, and while many businesses try to keep this function in-house, it can often reduce the effectiveness of your efforts. By using a specialist social media marketing agency like nichemarket, we can tailor management fee packages that cover services such as:
  • Community management
  • Regular organic content
  • Social media advertising
  • Social media tracking
  • Social media reports

Our low-cost management fee structure allows you to focus more of your budget on advertising and with our expertise, we can ensure you can create effective social media advertising campaigns that attract cost-effective leads for your business.

Social Media Marketing for your South African website

South Africans from all walks of life and LSM ranges spend time on social media almost daily and making sure your business is visible on these platforms as well as targeting the right audience is essential if you want to extract traffic and leads. nichemarket can help you build a substantial social media audience and focused ad campaigns to reach South African consumers on platforms like: 

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. LinkedIn
  6. YouTube
We will be able to evaluate your site and let you know exactly which social media channels are right for your brand and how best to use them to attract both organic and paid traffic from these platforms.

Contact us

If you would like us to build a custom social media report for you or want to know more about digital marketing for your business, then don’t be shy we’re happy to assist. Simply contact us

Are you looking to promote your business?

South African Business owners can create your free business listing on nichemarket. The more information you provide about your business, the easier it will be for your customers to find you online. Registering with nichemarket is easy; all you will need to do is head over to our sign up form and follow the instructions.

If you require a more detailed guide on how to create your profile or your listing, then we highly recommend you check out the following articles. 

Recommended reading

If you enjoyed this post and have a little extra time to dive deeper down the rabbit hole, why not check out the following articles on Social Media.

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