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7 Key Methods For Finding Trending Topics With Social Media

Find trending topics social media

In today’s digital world, marketing professionals are turning more and more to Social Media Optimization for their market research. And it makes sense since the market needs whatever is new and happening, and social media moves fast, which allows professionals to grab opportunities, package it and offer to their customers. Moving into 2019, we may see some trending topics follow us into 2019 since people and their behaviours change and so do the capabilities and technologies of social media sites.

To sum this all up best, we can turn to the Marketing Director of Seller Engine, Trish Carey, who says it best, “While we’ll see a lot of changes in 2019, to me it really still comes back to understanding your audience, crafting different, targeted and appropriate messages for those audiences, and creating engaging content.” Therefore, we look at 7 ways to find current trending topics and look at social media trends today.

7 Ways to Find Trending Topics for Social Media

Ten years ago, topics trending on social media would have been difficult to find, but now with the advent of the internet, finding things on social media apps has become increasingly easy.

Here are 7 ways to find trending topics:


Easily the best place to look for trends; they display trends directly on profile pages and homepages. It is the best way to find current cultural and political trends as well as how a nation feels. Moreover, if your budget allows, you can use promoted trends on Twitter, which are hashtags that show up at the list’s top in the homepage of the region you are targeting.

Google Trends

Google offers multiple services to analyze trends and Google Trends is the best option among them. You can search for any topic and check out how many views or clicks it’s receiving. You can dive in deep by exploring countries and states to gather more detailed information on trends that help you find targeted keywords for your customers.

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Social Mention

Social Mention is a smart tool that evaluates content across multiple websites. It isn’t limited to major apps like Facebook or Twitter alone but goes through over 100 sites such as YouTube, Digg, etc. For any question, Social Mention hands you an influencers list, i.e., people who post regularly on social media apps on the topic you are interested in. You can find influencers to collab from these lists.


This is an interesting tool that lets you track hashtags across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is similar to Google alerts, so you can create an alert for any topic and track in real-time. Keyhole is best used as a defence mechanism; if you have the manpower, have someone monitor this site for your brand mentions and resolve criticisms or issues.


Agorapulse is usually used to create campaigns and contests on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, it also lets you develop personalised queries for particular Twitter keywords and identify why they are buzzing. Their analytics tells you clearly which are your best performing Facebook posts and Tweets. You can browse through posts in recent weeks to understand more about popular trends and finesse your list of keywords.


Buzzfeed began as a social media app that gained popularity by posting content on topics trending on social media alone. So, you know you don’t have to worry when looking at trends on Buzzfeed because they definitely have that figured out. Buzzfeed mostly posts trending topics list and you can find them sitting on the right side of the homepage.


It’s not a complete urban legend that most trends start from Reddit. This site is alike to an open forum where you may stroll in any time to find people having heated arguments on any possible topic. Topics are upvoted or downvoted, which helps to determine which topic is trending. Top tip: discover subreddits to exploit what’s trending on Reddit since subreddits are dedicated to particular topics.

Social Media Trends of 2019

As advertisers turn to social media more for their marketing needs, you can expect to find immense amounts of money pouring onto social media apps. Therefore, expect high growths for businesses based on trending topics today. Here are some trend predictions for this year:

Transparency is King

With Facebook battling data sharing and privacy concerns, and Twitter striking down fake accounts, transparency has emerged a driving factor for the millennial market. According to a study, 55% of customers want brands to be more transparent, especially when it comes to business practices, service/product changes and company values. For you, it means more behind-the-scenes footage, publicizing app updates, etc.

New Social Media Sites

Facebook’s controversial practices in mid-2018 led to many users to quit the site altogether, and it left advertisers scratching their heads. Right now, save your handles and hashtags and be prepared to shift your whole campaign to a new site if a major crash arrives.

Stories everywhere

It started with Snapchat, now even YouTube and WhatsApp have story features. This feature has evolved beyond basic, personal attributes to brands now using it to tell stories. Soon, the apps may integrate shopping features into stories to attract brands.

Employers as Influencers

Watch out for employee advocacy increasing in the coming year due to the current influencer climate that is now being trashed with rumours and allegations of fake partnerships. Bambu, for instance, is helping develop this by allowing companies to distribute content internally.


The reach and impact of social media are undeniable today. As more and more companies turn to social media trending topics to customise their campaigns, the research gets easier and the feedback process is more transparent. This year will definitely drive brands to move towards more social conversations and build relations between them and their customers through social media. It’s an exciting time, to say the least.

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