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nichemarket Gives Veld Renewables Website A Face lift

24 June 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Shamima Ahmed in Updates

new website launch

Recently nichemarket was recruited by South African based renewable energy company, Veld Renewables, to give their site a bit of a facelift. Working with a basic free WordPress template their site was nowhere near showing off the image the company wanted to portray to the public.

After the initial brainstorm, the nichemarket got to have a little fun and played some Extreme Makeover: Website Addition. Here's how we helped Veld Renewables achieve their website rebuild Goals!

Extreme Makeover: Website Addition

The Brief:

The Veld Renewables Team recruited nichemarket to improve their website game in the following ways: 

  • Improve the look and feel
  • Improve website user-friendliness 
  • Add more credibility and professionalism
  • Help communicate their brand story

Being a renewable energy company, Veld is always on top of their game when it comes to their industry. Unfortunately, their website did not give users this impression. It was subpar, outdated and not visually appealing at all. They wanted a new site to communicated their brand story both textually and visually. A site that directly represented the confidence and impeccable values of the brand. 

Before We Worked Our Magic: 

Veld Renewables' website was extremely basic before we gave a revamp. Skinny content and outdated look and feel. Here is what their old homepage looked like:

New Veld Renewables Site:

Deadlines were tight, but nichemarket managed to revamp Veld's site in no time. Additional pages added, intuitive information architecture and a narrative to answer all the readers' questions. Here's what the new Veld Renewables Homepage looks like:

new website built by nichemarket

For a live preview, visit the new Veld Renewables website here.

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