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Comparing Boarding Schools In England And Switzerland

05 December 2023 | 0 comments | Posted by Nick Vorotny in Academia

Comparing boarding schools England vs Switzerland

Boarding schools have long been synonymous with rigorous academic preparation, well-rounded personal development, and an introduction to a broad network of connections. Many of the world's top business personalities, performance artists, academic professionals, and researchers have a boarding school background, which speaks to the practical educational experience for learners.

While boarding schools are renowned for giving students a leg up in an ever-competitive world of work, each has its own cultures, methods and specialisations.

One key influence on a boarding school is its location, which significantly shapes the boarding school experience. England and Switzerland, both popular destinations for high-quality boarding education, offer contrasting experiences.

So why are these two nations so famed for boarding schools, and what do they have to offer your child?

We delve into the unique features of boarding schools in these two locations to help students and parents make an informed decision.

Academic Approach and Curriculum

London, England

Boarding schools in London largely follow the British educational system, structured around GCSEs and A-Levels. The curriculum is fairly rigid, especially in the later years when students specialise in only three or four subjects for their A-Levels. However, this specialisation allows for a deep mastery of subjects and is excellent preparation for university.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss boarding schools are known for their international perspective. Many offer a choice between various curricula, including the Swiss Maturité, International Baccalaureate (IB), and sometimes even the British A-Levels or American High School Diploma. This offers students a more customised educational journey.

Language and Cultural Exposure

London, England

English is the language of instruction in London's boarding schools, and the cultural experience is predominantly British. This is beneficial for students who wish to assimilate into British culture or prepare for English-language universities.

Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland's multilingual nature and central European location offer students a unique cultural and linguistic experience. Schools often provide language courses in French, German, or Italian, in addition to the primary language of instruction.

Extracurricular Activities

London, England

London boarding schools often offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, from drama and music to sports like rugby and cricket. These activities are an integral part of the education system and contribute to a well-rounded student experience.

Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss environment offers unique opportunities for outdoor activities, such as skiing, hiking, and water sports. Swiss schools tend to emphasise physical education, with students often participating in regular outdoor expeditions.

Campus Facilities and Environment

London, England

London-based boarding schools may have smaller campuses due to the urban setting, but they often boast historical architecture and are well-equipped with modern facilities. The schools are also well-connected to the city, offering numerous opportunities for educational trips to museums, theatres, and other cultural landmarks.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss boarding schools often have expansive, resort-like campuses, featuring everything from state-of-the-art sports facilities to horse-riding stables. The Swiss Alps provide a breathtaking backdrop, making it a serene and peaceful environment conducive for study and recreation.

Tuition and Financial Aspects

London, England

Boarding schools in London can be expensive, particularly for prestigious institutions. However, many schools offer scholarships and financial aid to deserving students.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss boarding schools are among the most expensive in the world, reflecting the premium facilities and individualised care they offer. Financial aid is available but less common.

Access to Higher Education

London, England

London boarding schools usually have well-established connections with British universities, and the A-Level curriculum is often seen as excellent preparation for tertiary education in the UK.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss boarding schools focus on preparing students for a globalised world, and their curricula are generally designed to ease the transition to universities worldwide, including those in the United States and the UK.

Discipline and Pastoral Care

London, England

British boarding schools, including those in London, tend to have a more formal system of pastoral care. Students often live in houses led by a housemaster or housemistress, and there's usually a stricter code of conduct.

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss schools often adopt a more relaxed approach, valuing student independence and responsibility. The pastoral care is generally less formal and more akin to a mentor-mentee relationship.

How do I decide on a boarding school?

Choosing a boarding school for your child is a significant decision that requires careful consideration of various factors.

Evaluate your child's needs and interests:

  1. Learning Style and Academic Focus: Consider your child's preferred learning style, whether they thrive in a structured environment or benefit from more flexibility. Assess their academic strengths and interests, aligning them with the school's curriculum and teaching approach.
  2. Personality and Social Preferences: Evaluate your child's personality and social preferences. If they prefer a close-knit community, consider smaller schools with a strong sense of camaraderie. If they seek a diverse environment with a variety of extracurricular activities, a larger school with a wider range of offerings may be suitable. Research and Narrow Down Your Options:
  3. Academic Reputation and Rankings: Research the school's academic reputation, considering factors like standardised test scores, college acceptance rates, and teacher qualifications. Look for rankings and reviews from reputable sources.
  4. Curriculum and Extracurricular Activities: Explore the school's curriculum in detail, ensuring it aligns with your child's academic interests and learning style. Check the range of extracurricular activities, ensuring they align with your child's passions and hobbies.
  5. School Culture and Values: Understand the school's culture and values, assessing whether it aligns with your family's beliefs and aspirations for your child. Consider the school's approach to discipline, community engagement, and social responsibility.

Schedule school visits and interviews:

  1. Attend Open Houses and Admission Events: Participate in open houses, tours, and admission events to get a firsthand look at the school's facilities, meet with teachers and staff, and interact with current students.
  2. Schedule Formal Interviews: Arrange formal interviews with the admissions team to discuss your child's academic profile, interests, and goals. Ask about the school's expectations, support systems, and transition programs for new students.
  3. Engage with Current Students and Families: Talk to current students and their families to gather insights into the school's daily life, academic rigour, and overall student experience.

Picking the ideal experience for those formative years

Choosing between a boarding school in London and one in Switzerland involves considering several factors like academic interests, language preference, extracurricular inclinations, and financial capabilities. London schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum, well-rounded extracurricular activities, and a strong connection to British culture.

Swiss schools provide a multicultural and multilingual environment, individualised educational pathways, and an emphasis on outdoor activities and personal development. Each offers a unique set of advantages designed to equip students for different paths in higher education and beyond.

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