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14 Types of Burglar Bars For Your Home

07 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Alarming

Types of home burglar bar solutions

Securing your house is something we don't like to think about because it comes with the sober realisation that someone might want to enter your home at some point, in the future. While it is not an idea, you want to entertain you also don't want to give anyone free reign of your home to ransack it at any moment.

When planning to secure your home and household contents, you'll need to weigh up several considerations, such as:

  • The vulnerability of your home
  • The crime rate in your area
  • The response time of armed response in your area
  • How to add value to your home
  • The cost of your security upgrades
  • and of course the aesthetics of the security measures you put into place

Picking the type of burglar bars, that's right for you

So with all these considerations on consumers' minds security and burglar bar installation companies have come up with innovative solutions to fit about any home, budget and style. There is now a range of options available when it comes to burglar bars all with their pros and cons.

If you're still in the consideration phase you then you may want to check out this list of the most popular burglar bar options for securing your home. 

1. Spanish bars

Spanish burglar bars fit the exterior of the home. The Spanish bars create a cage-like effect over the opening but do allow you to open your window to the outside. This burglar bar consists of rows of vertical solid-steel bars, intersected at points by horizontal bars. Many consumers opt for the Spanish bars because offer a robust security barrier over windows and openings.

2. Mini-Spanish bars

The mini-Spanish burglar bars remain welded to the inside of the window reveal. The mini Spanish bar follows the concept as the exterior Spanish Bars but are not curved at the ends of the bar and are fitted. The foot pieces and bolts are used to secure the mini-Spanish burglar bars to the wall. The mini Spanish bar comes in both a horizontal or a vertical style layout.

3. Retractable bars

Retractable bars work similarly to that of slam lock gats and over the inside of the window reveal. They can be slid open, taking up a small percentage of the total window spacing, but it allows you to open and close windows as standard. Retractable bars are often popular with holiday homeowners who prefer lock and go approach and want the use of their various windows and prefer additional light in their homes.

4. Louvre style burglar proofing

Louvre burglar bars are fitted in own frame which is then firmly fixed into the interior reveal. Fixing positions are all concealed within the frame. The Louvre-style burglar bars are non-adjustable and do not provide screening. The louvre bars can be installed as single or multiple vertical rods for added strength on wider span windows.

Louvre window protection combines beautifully with shutters which allows the "louvre look" to carry throughout the home. The fine finishes on these products complementing one another and the louvre style is an elegant fix for the discerning homeowner.

5. Cottage pane type bars

This unique style of burglar bars is comprised of a simple grid of vertical and horizontal bars, offering strength and value as a home security barrier, without being obtrusive. This simple yet aesthetically pleasing design provides reliable protection in the home or office at a very reasonable cost. Cottage pane bars can be fitted into either wooden frames or the surrounding plaster walls.

6. Roller shutters

A roller shutter is a type of door or window shutter consisting of many horizontal slats hinged together. The shutters collapse on each other and can be stored in a fitting above the window. Shutters over the outside of the window and can be raised manually or be motorised. It provides protection against wind, rain, fire and theft.

7. Security screens

Security Screens made from a high tensile coated stainless steel mesh to cover your Windows The superior materials and unique fastening system using both chemical and mechanical bonds. The frame is made of pre-treated aluminium using a hight strength cornering system.

Security screens are made from 316 Marine grade stainless steel security mesh and all our materials are resistant to UV and corrosion and make it perfect for coastal properties.

8. See-through burglar bars

Transparent burglar bars are made from polycarbonate. The bars are solid, scratch-resistant and even bullet-resistant as well and offer an unobstructed view and is excellent for sea view properties. Some installers offer packages which allow you to connect your transparent bars directly to your alarm system to found in case of tempering.

8. DIY/Custom burglar proofing

These are the old school steel bars you see on most homes; they can be fitted to the outside or inside of your home and is the budget option for those want to have some deterrent for criminals on vulnerable entry points. The benefit these bars is that they come in a range of premade styles and colours so you can pick based on your sizing and have them set up in no time.

9. DIY burglar proofing

If you're looking for a custom job you could go with the made to order option that can be designed to your home and special requirements.

10. Horizontal bars

Horizontal burglar bars create a modern feature in one's home and are installed in the same way as the Cottage Pane Bars, but instead comprise numerous horizontal bars intercepted by as few vertical bars as are necessary (typically one or two).

11. Vertical bars

Vertical bars are only used when the window width is more full than the standard size and where such bars can be situated behind an existing windowpane divider. No screws or bolts are used during the installation. Attractive Nylon collar-ends offer an eye-pleasing finish at all fixing points.

12. Alphagrille burglar bars

Alphagrille burglar bars fit to the window reveal with a four-sided frame for extra security and a neater finish. The design offers the same style as that of the retractable doors but is, instead comprised of fixed burglar bars encased in a steel frame. This option offers superior strength and complements the Alphador range of retractable doors.

13. Magnagrille burglar bars

Magnagrille burglar bars fit with a four-sided frame for extra security and a neater finish. The Magnagrille style a rigid, fixed burglar bar and more affordable in price.

14. Double upright Magnagrille burglar bars

The Magnagrille Double Uprights, which is custom-made to fit any window, consists of a non-retractable row of double uprights that are securely fixed to a frame. These burglar bars are ideal in cases where security is an ultra high-risk concern and requires the maximum level of protection.

Secure what's yours

While picking your solution isn't the simplest or going with the most affordable, it will provide you with something you can't buy, and that is a peace of mind. Protecting your home and household goods from theft may be a time-consuming process and costly to implement, but it's a far better option than having to deal with a home invasion or robbery.

Burglar bars also help improve the value of the property and can weigh in on reducing the cost of your household insurance, so it is worth considering for any homeowner even if crime is not a factor for your area.

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