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Top Apps For Your Home Security

08 July 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Ava Faulkner in Alarming

Home security apps

Using an app to monitor your home security is a smart choice these days, and there are many available today. Here are our top picks: ADT Control, Frontpoint, Abode, and SimpliSafe Home Security. While you should consider installing a professional home security system, many people work at home and do not want to hire a security company. In these cases, you can use an app to keep tabs on your home security.

ADT Control app

The ADT Control app allows you to control your security and home automation features from your mobile device. You can create user codes, create automation scenes, and schedule home automation, all from the comfort of your bed.

You can also program different settings for your home's security and home automation systems and check in on your home from any location. You can even program your home automation to work around your schedules, such as when you leave for work or vacation.

The ADT Control App allows you to view live video feeds and see if there are any unwanted visitors. You can also access video clips and snapshots of activated events. You can be alerted to any activity in your home, whether it's a family member returning home or a burglar attempting to gain access.

ADT Monitoring experts will evaluate the situation and contact you if necessary. Once you have your smartphone, you can view and adjust your home's settings and have peace of mind knowing that your home is secure.

Frontpoint app

The Frontpoint app for home security offers a host of features for its security cameras and monitoring service. This home security system uses cellular or home Wi-Fi connections and is monitored by professional personnel around the clock.

You can also choose between a monthly or yearly subscription and upgrade your monitoring plan to one with more features. Frontpoint offers a three-year limited warranty for their equipment.

To cancel your service, you must pay 80% of the remaining contract period. Compared to other home security providers, Frontpoint offers a generous 30-day trial period.

The Frontpoint app offers customizable notifications and allows you to arm and disarm your security system. You can also choose from various other options, such as notifications when the garage door is left open, or a cabinet is opened. You can also set notifications to remind you to arm your system.

If you have pets, you can even use Frontpoint's app to get advice on where to place the sensors. For homes with larger pets, you may want to consider installing a window sensor instead of a door sensor.

SimpliSafe Home Security app

You can install the SimpliSafe Home Security app today, but if you don't have an internet connection, you may not be able to install the app. The app's size means that it may not be loading quickly, and the progress bar may be slow. You can also try updating the app or downloading it again if this is the problem. If you've had this problem before, read on for some ways to fix the issue.

To download the SimpliSafe Home Security app, visit the App Store or Google Play Store. You can also use the web app. For the iPhone and iPad, you can access the app's official website. In case you're using a Kindle Fire tablet, you shouldn't be able to use the app. But if you have an Android device, it's even easier to install the SimpliSafe Home Security app through the app store.


The Abode app gives you peace of mind regarding your home's security. You can arm and disarm the system using your phone, view live video from cameras, and track your security alerts in real-time. You can customize your settings and receive notifications, such as a sound alert whenever your doorbell is unlocked. Installation is easy, and you can have the system up and running within 30 minutes.

Among the many reasons to install Abode are its affordability, ease of use, and compatibility with various other smart home devices. While its security features might not match its competitors, its affordable starter kit comes with pre-programmed sensors and easy-to-follow instructions. If you want to install Abode on your own, you should upgrade your internet plan to one with more data or a faster speed.

Blue by ADT

Whether you live in a small, midsize or large home, Blue's wireless outdoor security camera is perfect for protecting your home. With Blue's customizable mobile alerts and remote video monitoring, you can communicate with visitors and monitor your yard from virtually anywhere. Blue's system will even track home deliveries and contractors and even send you customized mobile alerts. Not only is Blue easy to install and use, but it also comes with several free, helpful apps to help you protect your home.

The Blue by ADT DIY system can grow with you and your needs. It can connect to compatible smart home devices, including Alexa and Google Home. Users can manage user access, view live video and save media. Additionally, the system can be managed through the Blue by ADT app, which includes an easy-to-use app. With Blue, you can customize alerts and manage users. You can even set custom push notifications to be notified of events.

Secure your home from anywhere

I hope you will love all apps we have listed above. If none of these apps works for you or you're a security service looking to move into the app space can also build customised apps according to your needs by hiring the best app development company. If you got any questions, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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