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How To Get In Shape When You Feel Lazy and Unmotivated

29 June 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Shaheryar Sadiq in Athletes

How to work out when you feel lazy

My love for food resulted in me being very chubby. I use to hear people passing remarks and telling me to lose weight when I was a Sushi Delivery boy at a local restaurant. Though I wanted to look slim and smart, my laziness demotivated me by making it appear extremely tedious.

Sometimes in life, a little ray of hope or motivation can make an impossible task look possible. It makes you overcome all odds that were previously impossible to cope up with alone. It was not until I saw a motivational video of Arnold Schwarzenegger that gave me some hope and activated the workout monster inside me.

I had to build up a plan because I had to start from somewhere. Today, I am going to share those ten steps that helped me in overcoming my laziness and getting in good shape.

Here you go:

1. Fueling up with motivation

Motivation is mandatory to get in shape; without motivation, we procrastinate. In most cases, the motivational factor is a doctor advising you to lose weight due to obesity disorders and other health conditions. In other cases, an upcoming event or your wedding may motivate you to get the body into shape.

2. Setting a source of inspiration

Your favourite celebrities or someone whom you closely follow can inspire you to get fit as well. Whichever person you may follow, the purpose is to adopt the style and habits of that person, like Bruce Lee is the source of inspiration for many people. Those who try to replicate his workout routine know that he believed in working out seven days a week instead of 5 or 6, which is suggested by many other people.

We recommend that you get inspired by celebrity transformations but don't follow their diet or exercise routine. Most of them have professional fitness trainers, in the absence of which, you cannot replicate their routine, and you may end up hurting yourself. If you want, get your trainer and follow the recommended steps.

3. Converting weakness into strength

For a food lover like me, eating food is a weakness. It is something that I cannot even think of skipping. Now how about converting this weakness into a strength? What if I tell myself that I cannot have the next meal until I am done with my scheduled workout? I used to motivate myself that if I skip the exercise, I will have to skip the meal as well, which I cannot afford to do.

4. Going numeric

The key to getting your body into shape is losing weight. Many people who are initially excited to shape themselves up, mostly end up being in the middle of nowhere. The role of numbers is very crucial in this as the person can set numeric milestones for himself. Achieving each milestone will help him track his progress and make him strive harder to achieve the next one.

5. Working out in chunks

Working out for a long period can be quite intimidating. For someone as lazy as me, the workout routine can be managed by breaking it into small portions. Recent studies suggest that working out frequently in small portions can be effective in shaping your body and boosting your metabolism. However, it is essential to minimize the stopgap between each rep to make it more effective.

6. Eating healthy food in small portions

The essential part of shaping up your body is controlling your diet. Food is always enticing and delectable, but you can control your cravings by eating in small portions. This will help you to stay upbeat and motivated to lose bodyweight. Also, it is essential to eat healthy food. For instance, replacing carbohydrates with fibre and protein will give your body more strength without compromising on your hunger.

7. Partnering is must

A study suggests that you will stay fit and remain in good shape if the people around you are also fit. Getting a workout buddy will undoubtedly boost your training and stay focused. When you are lazy to indulge in the workout, the other partner can overpower your laziness and force you to get back on the track.

Having a gym buddy can also accelerate your process towards body transformation. When you are unable to complete a rep, or you think you won't be able to continue with the workout, at this moment, they can urge you to stay focused and encourage you to go for additional reps by motivating and assisting you.

8. Getting socially active

It is a common phenomenon that people get more concerned about their looks and appearance when they go social. There is a famous saying that the first impression is the last. The physiological effect of someone interacting with an over-weight person is quite different than that of interacting with a physically fit person.

The chances of dominating the arena will always be high if you are more fit. The more you share the story of your body transformation with others, the more you will be able to overcome the laziness inside you. So when a person is socially active, it may enable him to overcome his procrastination, and they may strive hard to get into shape.

9. Morning workout

If you fear that laziness might overcome you and create hindrance in your workout routine, then kick-start your day with a morning workout. It is believed to be the best time for a workout because this is the time when you can exert yourself the most. Working out in the morning helps you to stay active throughout the day as the overall blood circulation, and intake of oxygen is the best at this time.

10. Get energised with nature

This concept is still relatively new as the majority of people are not aware of it, or they have a limited concept of it. Working out in nature is not just limited to running or jogging outside; it is much more than this. According to a recent study, the people who were exposed to nature while working out tend to be more rejuvenated and refreshed. The sensation achieved in this type of workout can easily overcome laziness and help you get in shape quickly.

Get in shape starting today

There you have it ten ways to get yourself out of that funk and into your gym clothes and starting a regular sweat session. Have you tried any strategy to get in shape when you were most demotivated? How did it work for you, and what routine have you set? Share some tips in the comments section down below!

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