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Mobile Applications For Your Beauty Regimes

18 December 2019 | 3 comments | Posted by Deep Moteria in Beauty Basics

Mobile apps for your beauty regime

To keep your skin forever young, following a set regime becomes essential. While there are lots of distractions and lucrative hours of the day, when planning an escape seems almost correct, the dedication to keep walking on the right path takes efforts.

As there are millions of ways to protect your beauty from potential harms- it becomes essential to choose the one your skin feels comfortable with and responds to regular use of the product.

Spending a valuable amount of time and money on all the best and fashionable beauty products is not enough. All these useful hours spent finding that one perfect product can go to waste if you do not have a set beauty regime.

Refreshing your skin once in a while is necessary, and so is the regular skincare routine. But since smartphones are here to help out in most of the cases, this latest invention of beauty apps range to different categories that help you with setting and following your regular beauty regime.

Mobile applications have reached global audiences over the world. As it is one of the best sources to meet all the potential customers, the beauty industry leaders themselves are launching their dedicated app solutions to help their users reach them easily. Among all, these developed apps have turned out to be beneficial for users as it guides them on the right track all along.

1. Keeps you updated with latest trends

The trends in the fashion industry keep changing. To follow your favourite styles or try out the new wardrobe launches by favourite brands, it is important to continue checking the online feeds that sometimes may seem tiring.

But when there is an app, there is a way!

Apart from the apps that provide daily news updates, there are dedicated fashion and beauty apps to help you alter your beauty regime (if you want to).

Get sizzling and fresh updates on fashion or beauty; whether that is the latest collection from leading fashion brands or new product launches by your favourite cosmetics and personal care brands, these apps got you covered.

2. Try out products, virtually

Do you know the brands around you that offer you a free trial by themselves? If you are not a beauty blogger, this is almost impossible to try out a product without having to visit a physical store. Moreover, if a particular product doesn't suit your skin, it may cause trouble! But the mobile apps have made it easier than ever.

Even leading brands like L'oreal are launching their apps that help you try out their products virtually and find out the right shade that suits your skin. Moreover, with the introduction of the concept of augmented reality, you can virtually try out the entire look of your favourite celebs on some of these apps. Isn't it exciting?

These help you save time previously wasted on finding the right products and now all that you need to do is download the app, start your camera and check out the products!

3. Are You missing discounts and offers?

If you are a regular beauty buyer, you may know that there are very fewer chances of availing discounts and offers on the physical stores of your favourite brands.

Only for a certain amount of time, a sale opens and before you even get to know the best and mostly your favourite products are bought before you also get to see them! But do not worry. The eCommerce beauty has got your back.

The lucrative offers and unbelievable prices of discounted products are just where these online stores are starting. Free home deliveries, virtual swatches of shades, tracking your order, and customer-friendly return policy- a wholesome package for your way to affordable beauty.

Moreover, the sale and discounts online are never-ending, and even if you are not buying anything, window shopping on online beauty stores is eye delighting and much fun!

4. Get your salon at home

To keep your skin healthy and glowing as ever, it is required to visit a salon once a month, or better, twice. But what if you can get all your requirements answered with the comfort of sitting at your home?

Yes, the on-demand beauty apps also listed among the app like uber, answer all your queries while bringing your favourite beautician at home. Get every treatment done at your home and answers to all your beauty needs.

These beauty apps support advanced bookings and also enable you to get a beautician at home within an hour. Now, schedule your treatments according to availability and that too at affordable prices.

5. Fitness apps to monitor your progress

It has been proved by numerous researches and reports that are regularly exercising not only keeps your body fit, but it also helps enhance the glow of your skin. Purifying the body from all toxins, regular exercising leads to a healthy and beautiful life and even your skin stops from ageing. But if you are concerned over which sets of exercises to choose and the monitoring of the changes it can bring, fitness apps can help you out here.

The mobile app market has plenty of fitness apps that help monitor your progress and also suggest suiting exercises according to your physical limits. Choosing the right set of activities can help you not only keep yourself fit, but it helps out in increasing your strength too, mental and physical strength both.


The future technology updates bring out the best for every industry. Beauty industry trends are also keeping themselves updated with these mobile apps and their implementation in real life of users can bring out the best results.

Starting from scheduling the salon appointments, to searching for the best products to suit your skin, your beauty regime will be well addressed by the apps of today.

About the author

Deep is an aspiring entrepreneur and blogger, having led 75+ startups on the right path with their information-admiring content. He crafts content on topics including on-demand services like uber clone, finances, technology trends and many more.

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