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A Guide To A Makeup Routine For Busy Mornings

06 March 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Olivia Hartley in Beauty Basics

Doing make up for busy morning

Working ladies spend the rush hour moments of their lives every morning. For this reason, a quick everyday makeup routine is the key to all your troubles. You most likely skip your favourite guise at times in a hurry. Looking beautiful is the ultimate right of every diva on this planet.

Therefore, walking a day outdoors without your chic look is dissatisfying. Adopt a makeup routine that can prepare you quickly for your best everyday look.

Everyday makeup routine on the go

Always start your morning fresh after enjoying a quality sleep time. Wash your face with a cleanser or prefer lukewarm water. Makeup looks great when you are fresh and away from all dirt. Grab a cup of your everyday coffee and prepare for rushing to the dressing area. Dress to impress in your best outfit for the day.

Moisturise your skin

Always take care of your skin like an expert when you are a cosmetic lover. Use a cleanser that sinks perfectly with your skin and then moisturise your skin smoothly. Always prefer tinted moisturisers as these work as primers and foundations. Some moisturisers also include SPF essentials that can protect you from the sun. Apply it all over your face and blend it properly with your fingers for a natural look.

Look for highlighters

Avoid heavy makeup for everyday mornings. Opt for illuminating beauty essentials like an excellent liquid highlighter. Apply it quickly on your cheekbones, chin, and blend it. Glowing products add to your active look throughout the day and keep yours from dullness. Soon after you are done with this step, move to a lightweight face powder as per your skin tone. Your makeup will surely get intact after this.

Grab your eye shadow

A bold, intimate look is not suitable for office professionals most often. Try to keep it simple yet attractive. Put on nude eyeshades or one with skin tones and glitter. Once you have mastered the colour of your shadow palette, rub in gently on your sockets.

Your everyday makeup look is different from a party girl ensemble. Use a brow gel for your eyebrows as these reveal your eye makeup well. Put all your focus on the eyeliner that you put after this step. Apply it smoothly and add the final touch with a high-quality mascara. Choose a statement lipstick

Matte is not the last choice for picking up your lip colour, but it is a preferable one. Opt for a lip glow or liquefying lipstick that suits your skin tone and overall makeup. Mainly, the shade on your lips can vary as per your attire.

You can keep a statement lipstick like the bold red or hot pink yet; it is fabulous if you choose your shades according to your dress.

Final thoughts

Prepare yourself in not more than twenty minutes with this everyday makeup routine. Once you are familiar with the steps, things will make their way for you. Adopt a habit of finalising your dress one night before and save your time. Give time to your overall look, and do not forget to follow some quick hairstyle tips before you step out in the morning.

Look beautiful and confident smoothly!

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