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6 Efficient Tips to Clean Your House Fast

Speedy home cleaning tips

Nobody likes doing household chores. There is nobody out there whose hobby is to clean their house.

One of the biggest reasons why cleaning your house isn't the best household chore is because it takes a lot of time. If you do it too fast, it might mean that you are taking shortcuts that don't work and end up making your home a little dirty even.

As adults, though, cleaning your house is part of how you maintain a healthy home. So you have to white knuckle yourself into doing it sometimes. Therefore, you might want a fast and efficient way of cleaning your house.

One way to do that is to establish good cleaning habits. With that said, here are six practical tips that will help you clean your house fast.

1. Do not clean one room at a time

A lot of people clean their house by focusing on one place at a time. Doing this will make the cleaning path feel a lot longer than it should be, making you feel more fatigued.

Instead of cleaning your house one room at a time, it's ideal that you focus on a particular cleaning task and then apply it to all the rooms.

For example, you might want to start things off by dusting. It would help if you then started by dusting every single room because it will save you time and you can put away the cleaning items dedicated to dusting as soon as you're done.

This will help you not lose motivation. Plus, if you finish one cleaning task, it feels like your crossing off one item on your to-do list. It has a sense of fulfilment to it after you finish one cleaning task for all of the rooms.

2. Pay attention to your cleaner's pH level

Your chosen cleaning solution might not be the most effective cleaner for specific household use. And this may explain why it's taking you a lot longer to finish a cleaning task.

One way you can know whether or not a cleaner is appropriate for a cleaning task is by checking your cleaning product's pH level.

If it has a pH level of 7 or less, then it is best used for inorganic substances. This means that it can help with rust or any residue issues that you can usually find in bathrooms or in kitchens.

If the pH level of your cleaner is seven or higher, then you should use it to clean up dirt and grease. You use it to clean up organic stains which will be helpful for any laundry issues that you need to address.

3. Set yourself a time limit

If you have a problem of getting distracted when you're cleaning up your room, then you might want to set yourself a time limit.

Setting a time limit when cleaning a room will ensure that you'll get your job done as soon as possible. It will help you avoid getting sidetracked, knowing that there is a deadline looming over you.

However, this may lead to inefficient cleaning. Thus, setting a time limit when cleaning your house should teach you a lesson or two. This includes sticking to your tasks and identifying which cleaning tasks to prioritize for each room.

4. Use a consistent pattern

When you're wiping down surfaces, you should use a regular pattern while cleaning.

Having a consistent pattern in place will help you clean better without leaving any streaks. Aside from that, having a uniform pattern will help you avoid missing any spots all over the surface.

All of these will help save you time because you don't have to go over and clean surfaces all over again.

5. Do the laundry

According to Planet Maids Home Cleaning Services NYC, your laundry can be a lot of work and will make your house look messier than it is if not addressed as soon as possible. Doing the laundry consistently will help reduce the time it takes for you to finish a load.

Instead of doing your laundry once every week it might help save you time if you do a small load every day.

6. Have all the tools at your arm's reach

It can be a big waste of time if you have to go from one room to another and then back just because you want to use specific cleaning tools.

If you can, try and have all of your cleaning tools within arm's reach. You can do that by wearing some tool belt or even just by bringing a basket of your cleaning tools with you.

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