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How To Create A Scandinavian Inspired Living Room?

Tips for a Scandinavia inspired living room

Do you believe that the best things in life are often simple? You can relate this to a home where you want to design something but ended up going for that elegant and straightforward design decision. Perhaps you’re referring to that statement, a clean aesthetic of the Scandinavian design. Despite its simple vibe, there’s something about it that makes it artful and sleek.

Having that minimalist feel will always give you that giggly and warm feeling, especially when it’s your own. So, if you are planning to have that Scandinavian inspired home, or maybe just a few parts of your home like the living room, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will get ideas on creating a Scandinavian inspired living room and getting tips to make your dream home come into reality.

What is a Scandinavian inspired design?

The Scandinavian aesthetic can be used or applied to many different spaces. When you hear this word, the first thing that would come out of your mind is simplicity and natural. This design is characterized by minimalism and functionality and has been around since the 1950s and remains a trend in interior design these days.

This design is ideal for living rooms, as nothing beats that organized, lovely, and comfortable living room design. More so, Scandinavian-inspired design is a design movement often influenced by connection to nature, which combines abstraction, natural shapes, and the use of natural elements.

Tips on how to create Scandinavian inspired living room

Were you inspired by hotels in Greece and their dominant white colours? Perhaps you want to make it to your living room. If you want to learn more about this design, here are some tips you might want to consider.

Choose subtle shades that nature inspires

Mother nature never gets it wrong. To channel that simple Scandi design to your living room, look for landscapes that inspire the colour choices. Designs inspired by nature are the best way to make a calm visual, and pleasant effect.

Go for grey or white walls or particularly neutral colours, and put few accessories of ice blue, dusty pink, mustard, forest green, or amber. Of course, put on some fresh flowers and plants, even just a little.

Go for simple decorative accents

Since Scandinavian is all about simplicity, therefore you must choose decorative accents that come with simple designs. You may put decorations in your living room table with ceramic vases. You may also decorate your couches with pillows that have plain geometric prints.

Get more natural and better lighting

Scandinavian interiors must have much light as possible. White walls and huge windows can help but adding the right lighting can also be very great. Go for a group of shades with wooden details and tonal hues, or create a minimalist reading spot with a table lamp and angled floor. You may also put ample amounts of candles in an open fireplace to get that minimalist-style living room.

Combine metal and wood finishes

The use of wooden elements doesn’t only go for the flooring but also in furniture and fixtures. A Scandinavian house usually has wooden furniture. However, the modern Scandinavian design combines wood with metal finishes. You can always mix and match this to add shine to your space. Of course, don’t forget about the simple and carefully crafted furniture for your living room.

Decorate with warm textiles

If you’re not familiar with countries in the Scandinavian region, they have extremely cold temperatures. Putting warm textiles will have that Scandinavian feel even in the comforts of your home. Invest in textiles like carpets made from sheepskins, wool, or mohair. This is always a great way to make the Scandinavian living room feel warm and cosy, especially during the rainy and winter season.


When you know how to design your own home, you can’t help but become very excited to come home every day. One of the perfect home decorations is the Scandinavian home decoration inspiration. It’s close to perfection, inviting, warm, and truly comforting.

It is modern and sleek and has that welcoming vibe that would surely work in any home. It’s just perfect for lightening up your livings space regardless of how big or small. I hope the tips and guidelines in creating Scandinavian inspired living room mentioned in this article have helped you achieve that Scandinavian dream home decoration.

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