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10 Things To Keep in Mind When You Remodel Your Bathroom

10 September 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Dan Martin in Constructive Criticism

Considerations when remodelling a bathroom

Have you decided to renovate and remodel your bathroom now? Then it would help if you kept a few things in mind before you remodelled your bathroom.

Renovating or remodelling could be a tedious process if you have not derived a clear plan yet. Turn your bathroom into a beautiful, serene, well-kept, and a little bit luxe by just remembering a few points that we have gathered here.

With these tips, you can furnish your bathroom without having to spend a humongous amount of cash.

Read on to find out things to keep in mind to remodel your bathroom without any hassle.

10 Things to think about while remodelling your bathroom

1. Room space in your bathroom

The most important thing to remember while remodelling your bathroom is to analyze the space of your bathroom.

A clear analysis will help you plan on placing your bathroom accessories in the right place. In case you have a small bathroom, then it is better to use accessories that are of small sizes.

For instance, if you want to install a new clawfoot tub, then it is better to choose a tub size of 60 inches long (the length of a standard tub) and 30 inches wide.

A basic clawfoot tub lengths range from a compact 54" to an oversized 72". They have different types as well. Classic/ Flat Rim, Double Ended, Single Slipper, Double Slipper, and the Honorary Claw-foot Tub—The Pedestal.

You have to choose one among these that fits your space. Also, make sure that it fits into the door and stairwell to get into the bathroom.

Allow sufficient space to install a sink, a cabinet, a tub, and a toilet in your bathroom. That way, it doesn't look all cramped up.

2. Space for your toiletries

Organise your toiletries to have a decent outlook. For instance, with a bathroom vanity installed, you can place your basic toiletries in it.

You can also use bath sets that have a soap dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush cup holder instead of piling them on your countertop. It also looks luxurious and pristine if you take out these items from their original packaging.

Get rid of things that are damaged immediately. That way, it can free up space.

3. The Perfect Height for Your Accessories

There is no certain rule on what height your accessories need to be placed.

This is purely subjective.

Place your accessories at a height that is easy to access for you. Don't make it too high or too low, but at a comfortable level for you and the other people who use the bathroom.

For instance, you can fix a robe hook at the height of about 65 to 70 inches off the ground. Doing so will not allow your towel to drag on the floor. For multiple robe hooks, make up a space of 9 inches between each.

In case you have kids at home, then it is best if you install a cabinet that is 30 inches tall. This makes it easier for the kids.

4. The Right Light for Your Sight

Lighting plays a big role in your bathroom.

With the right lighting, you can set the right ambience and mood in your bathroom. If you are about to soak yourself in a clawfoot tub, use lighting with a dimmable setting to create a calm atmosphere.

By using lights with dimmable settings, you can change the colour or the intensity of the light to suit your mood. Go ahead and add a chandelier or a pendant light at the centre of your bathroom.

These will look great on a bathroom with a high ceiling. Also, make sure that your vanity space is bright with lights. It'll make your bathroom look luxurious while being very useful on nights that you have to look pretty.

5. Different Types of Tiles That Are Available

Before you decide on tiles for your bathroom, make sure that you know about the types of tiles that are available.

Pick tiles that are less slippery and dry. You can install your bathroom with porcelain tiles. They last for a long time and are highly water-resistant.

If you wish to have a luxurious look, then it is better to pick marble tiles. They are quite expensive but worth the price.

Also, select tiles that do not allow water seepage. And before you install new tiles, make sure that you waterproof the substrate under the tile.

6. The Required Budget for Remodelling

This is the most important thing to keep in mind. You need to know your budget for the bathroom remodelling.

Make a plan on how much you are willing to spend on the tiles, painting walls, or adding accessories in your bathroom.

One way on how to save money is to look for sales before you start remodelling.

You can also do the remodelling yourself instead of giving it to the contractors to save money.

If you are willing to spend more money, then you can go ahead and purchase branded tiles and fittings.

7. Like-Minded Contractors

If you have hired a contractor to do the remodelling job, then you need to make certain that you are both on the same page.

Spell out your remodelling plan to them again and again. Never assume that they know exactly what you want. Check if they have the right blueprints of your bathroom space before they start working.

During the hiring process, make sure that the contractors have prior experience in bathroom remodelling. Most importantly, check if they have a valid contractor license to conduct the task.

8. Outlets Installed at a Safe Distance

Don't wait for the remodelling to be done to install an outlet. Make this your top priority while you remodel your bathroom.

Outlets have to be installed at a safe distance in your bathroom. Use one dedicated circuit that doesn't include the lights for your outlets.

Install an outlet right beside your mirror. This way, you can dry your hair while looking at the mirror. You can install one in your medicine cabinet. This way, it remains safe and easy to access.

9. Colours for Your Bathroom Walls

Set a reminder to paint your walls every once in a while. Colours play a major role in setting the ambience of your bathroom.

You can paint your walls of Taupe colour that way; it remains neutral and at the same time gives the space some warmth. The brown-grey shade has a classic yet modern look.

If you have kids at home, then make sure to use colours that are bright like them. You can also paint your walls with their favourite cartoon character. This way, they have fun while they shower.

10. A Proper Vent

Install a proper vent in your bathroom to get rid of all the steam after taking a hot shower. Choose one that does not make a loud noise so that you don't have to wake anybody while taking care of your business at night.

Ensure that your vent has enough power for back-to-back showers. A vent with a mid-range noise level can surely save you some money.

You can wire it to a light switch; that way, it turns on when you go in for a shower.

In Conclusion

Bathroom remodelling can be a fun and a less dreadful process when you have figured out what to make out of the space of your bathroom. It can increase your home's value. Houses that are well decorated and renovated tend to sell fast than a non-updated house.

Renovating your bathroom once in a while will give it a refreshed look and feel. You also save a lot of money by repairing the leaky taps and faucets.

With a proper renovation, you can add up more space to your bathroom. That is why it is best to remodel your bathroom once in a while.

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