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5 Reasons To Install Wood Stove In Your Home

Reasons to get a wood stove

Nothing can replace curling up on your couch on a winter evening in the warmth of your fireplace. It is the ideal spot to catch up on your reading, munch your favourite snacks, or just nap. However, come winter, you need something to keep your indoors warm while you engage in your favourite activity. While there are numerous ways to keep your home warm, nothing beats wood stoves.

In recent times, wood stoves are replacing traditional masonry fireplaces. They add style to your living room and are also highly efficient. Here are five reasons you should consider installing a wood stove in your home.

1. It is energy efficient

The operating cost of a wood stove is considerably less than operating a traditional fireplace. Since wood is a renewable energy source, it is a carbon-neutral fuel source–wood stores carbon from the atmosphere into its biomass.

The carbon is re-released when the firewood burns in an efficient wood stove. You can make this a sustainable practice by growing trees in your yard and using them to fuel your wood stoves.

Moreover, quality wood stoves, such as Osburn wood stoves, give more heat output than an open fireplace. Much of the heat passes through the chimney in an open fireplace, with reduced emission into the room. Additionally, wood stoves are provided with air vents to control the air supply to the fire and help control how efficiently the fire is burning.

2. It is portable

A wood stove can be placed anywhere in your house. All you need is a vent pipe running to the outside of your home. This allows you to warm up any space. Pick a few spaces in the house to place the stove, and you can even replace your central heating system.

That said, put the wood stove in the centre of a space to maximize heat distribution. Avoid placing it near the exterior walls to prevent heat loss to the outside.

3. It can be used for cooking

This is an excellent way to use a wood stove. However, only some models have the option of using it for cooking. The said wood stove comes with an in-built oven for baking. You must adjust the temperatures accordingly to speed up the cooking process. Place the food item on the hottest spot. You can also build a stronger fire by using several small pieces of log instead of one large one.

This, in turn, produces a lot of heat and ensures fast results. Preheating your cookware can also come in handy. Remember to keep flipping your food to make sure the food cooks evenly. Timing is everything for cooking on the stovetop.

You cannot follow a standard time mentioned in a recipe. Keep a close watch on your food and ensure the food is cooked at regular intervals. Besides, select appropriate cookware for optimum results and to prevent damage to the appliance.

4. It enhances your ambience

The right wood stove can do wonders to your house decor. It gives any space a touch of elegance and warmth, elevating the experience for the user. Many contemporary options are available in the market, providing a stylish look and going well with today's trends.

Many stoves with rustic designs are available if you want to take the traditional route. Although aesthetics are important, you should not neglect safety. Remember to place a non-inflammable surface like a stone underneath the stove.

Don't keep any flammable object within two to five feet of the stove to avoid a fire hazard.

5. It creates very little mess

Small charred pieces of wood and ash get collected in the base of a stove. The ash and wood pieces in an open fireplace are visible in plain sight and can create a messy appearance. Moreover, the chances of the ash spreading to other parts of the room are higher.

The cleaning process becomes tedious, and it creates an uncomfortable experience overall. However, the leftover ash and burnt wood can be concealed behind closed doors in a wood stove. The ash gets collected at the stove's base or in an ash pan.

Furthermore, a bed of ash at the base of a stove is suitable for prolonging a fire. You don't have to clean the ash after every session. You can retain a portion for future use.

Final thoughts

A wood stove is an ideal way to add value to your house and can attract potential buyers. Even though purchasing a wood stove might be expensive upfront, it is a cheaper alternative to a central heating system and can efficiently warm up your place. Placing a wood stove in the heart of your house can fill every space with warmth and light. A wood stove can last long with proper handling and is a worthy investment.

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