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Top 10 Tips For Bathroom Renovation

28 February 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Mark Webster in Constructive Criticism

Top tips for bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations can be the most expensive renovations you do to your home, but they are also most rewarding. By improving this space, you can easily increase the value of your entire house. A good-looking bathroom can raise the value of your home by quite a lot. That is why you need to know some tips if you want to increase its value and get a good return on your investment.

If you consider remodelling your bathroom, here are ten tips for a bathroom renovation that will help you with the process. So grab a coffee and enjoy!

1. Plan your bathroom renovation properly

The first step in any renovation is planning. And the same goes for the bathroom renovation project. Plan what items need to be replaced or repaired. The list can be long - shower stall walls, bathtub repair, countertops change, sink faucet replacement, toilet repair. The list goes on and on! Once you have made this list, it will be easier to plan your budget accordingly. Ensure that all items are properly accounted for when planning the renovation budget.

2. Consult with a professional designer or contractor

Consulting with a professional designer or contractor can be very helpful when planning your bathroom renovation. A good plan is to choose a design and then find the proper contractors to execute it. If you are not pleased with the results in the end, at least you followed an expert's advice in creating your design.

3. Keep your old items that can be reused or donated

This will ensure that they are kept safe from any construction damage or potential theft. Many times people who want to redo their bathrooms discard all of their old items without thinking twice about them! It is always better to consult with a local charity organization before discarding anything.

4. Have the right tools & materials on hand for a bathroom renovation project

The bathroom renovation project can be a challenge if you don't have the proper tools and materials on hand. There are some items that you probably already own (e.g., hand tools, screwdrivers) and others that you will need to invest in (e.g., new faucets). Be sure to consult with your contractor or designer before purchasing anything, as they may advise buying specific brand new items or purchasing used items instead!

5. Make sure you add value to your home with a good design and functionality

The bottom line is: If your bathroom is not functional and modern enough, it's time for a change – even more so if you own the house and have extra bedrooms. The last thing you want is to renovate your home with a good budget only to have your bathroom look dated four years later!

With these tips in mind, don't be afraid to take on an exciting project! A revamp of this space will allow you to pick the size of tiles, showerheads, or even flooring style, so go crazy! Good luck with your project - let us know how it went!

6. Don't try to do it all yourself

Many people think that they can do it all themselves. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth! Tiling floors or walls are very difficult tasks to accomplish by yourself, and there are just some things that must be done by professionals. Save yourself time and frustration if you have the budget available for it. Hiring experienced plumbers, carpenters, electricians, roofers will ensure that your bathroom renovation goes smoothly without any hitches along the way!

7. Keep your renovation budget in mind

While having a budget isn't everything, it is always good to have one in mind so you don't spend more than you can afford. Sit down with your contractor or designer before work begins and determine a budget that is both fair and realistic. This will be the max you have to stick to, so keep this in mind when purchasing items. Another tip – if there is a sale going on, it's probably a good time to stock up!

8. Be flexible with your design plans

This may sound crazy for some people who believe they have a very definite image of what they want their new bathroom to look like, but being flexible isn't always a bad thing. If your contractor or designer knows what he/she is doing, you should already have an idea of the design guidelines that need to be followed. In most cases, clients are open to suggestion from professionals as long as it is justifiable and doesn't exceed the initial budget.

9. Think about the way it will function for you

This is probably one of the most important steps you need to take! Your bathroom should be comfortable for everyone who uses it, whether that's just you or other members of your family too. You wouldn't want to purchase an expensive bathtub that only one person can use each week if five people live in your home.

Would you?

So think long and hard about this before starting anything.

10. Beware of contractors & designers who make exaggerated claims

There are many contractors out there who make over-inflated promises about the quality of their work while trying to get a foot in the door. These con men will promise everything and anything to get a job, so think twice before hiring them! Many designers have excellent reputations – do your research beforehand, and you won't be disappointed with their work or service.

Bathroom renovation can be expensive; however, after reading through this article, you should have some idea that there are ways around that. If you are considering doing any bathroom renovations, then do plenty of research beforehand, which will help cut costs down considerably.

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