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5 Ways IoT Is Transforming Homes

How IOT transforms your home

As we progress as a society, our technology and processes are getting more and more sophisticated. Automation is the future, and every industry is starting to understand the importance of using these cutting edge technologies to make their products and services more useful.

The home industry is no different, and in recent years incredible advancements have made futuristic concepts and features, a real and affordable reality. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of these ideas, their importance and we’ll introduce you to 5 ways IoT is transforming homes as we know them.

How is IoT Used in homes, and why is it important?

IoT home automation allows you to control your domestic home appliances with electronically controlled, internet-based systems.

IoT enables your devices to connect and communicate with each other through the internet, and because of this opens an incredible amount of opportunities for intuitive home process building.

Your appliances, your heating system, your cameras can all be connected. They can be controlled from anywhere, through a range of devices like your phone, laptop, tablet, or even your smartwatch.

How has IoT transformed homes today?

The benefits of adding IoT to your home, apart from being fun to use, are tenfold. You save time, money, and effort when all your devices work together to make your life easier and more efficient. This is not to mention the potential for energy management and waste control you can set.

In the next section, we’ll see some of these processes in action.

1. Independent control

Like we already mentioned, IoT enables devices to be controlled by any medium that has an internet connection and a corresponding application.

As an example, you don’t have to go to your washing machine and use the proprietary buttons. You can use your phone to turn off the wash cycles, start the cycles or even change the mode or settings.

A lot of new devices like refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc., support this technology now, and this trend will only mature as time goes on and more devices and brands are supported.

2. Self-diagnosing

A lot of new devices are also self-diagnosing. This means that they can tell if something is wrong if they need something changed or other related maintenance information.

A great example of this would be your refrigerator sending notifications on your phone when a food item is about to go bad or if you accidentally left the door open.

This technology will help cut maintenance costs as you won’t have to wait for the problems to come before addressing them. Your device will tell you.

3. Identity awareness

With new cameras and security advancements, our phones can recognize who we are using our face and fingerprints, and our home appliances are no different.

Many home cameras and smart locks offer facial recognition that is accurate and dependable. Your device recognizes your identity, or your family’s if you configure it, and will grant access to your home, your fridge, or even your smart safe.

This reduces the chances of robberies as these cameras are also recording 24/7, and can alert your phone and the police if a forced entry is detected by an unidentified person.

Check out this guide for more tips on securing your home devices.

4. Cross compatible devices

Cross compatible devices enable users to change their lights, play music in different parts of the house, or even open and close door locks, using just their voice.

Devices like Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Homepod enable these features, and many companies are taking advantage of this. As an example, our company MGC construction uses Philip hues light bulbs in our interior remodelling and deck renovations. With an Amazon Echo configured, our customers can change the light colour in their living area, kitchen, bedrooms, or decks to match the mood or occasion.

This communication and compatibility will only increase as time progresses and a future where your entire house is controlled using your phone or your voice is very near and probable.

5. Energy-saving

Smart, connected devices also can alert you when excessive power is being used, or energy is being wasted. Using their phones, smart-home owners can track power consumption and can pinpoint unnecessary usage.

If you accidentally leave your lights on when you leave your house, your lights will alert your phone. As long as you have an internet connection, you’ll be able to turn them off using a pre-installed application.

This energy conservation is a necessary and important process for our planet. As more and more devices support these features, the advent of a greener, more efficient planet becomes real and concrete.

You can check out this resource for more energy-saving home device-related information.


We hope this article helped you realize the incredible magic home automation can bring into your life and how IoT is enabling all these changes to happen in real-time.

No matter how technically advanced your house may be, there is always room for advancement, and as these features and technologies get more widely adopted, the future might be nearer than you think.

About the author

Oyegoke Motolani Oluwakemi is a writer with interests in niches that expose her to new challenges. She enjoys reading and watching thriller movies. She works for MG Construction & Decks; Los Angeles Deck Builders that take your remodelling dreams and makes them a reality. You can also reach out to her on Twitter

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