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4 Essential Technologies for an Efficient Dental Care and Service

06 October 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Rebecca Nelson in Doctors Orders

Tech that improves dental care

Can you imagine a world without anaesthesia during tooth extraction? Or worse, having no dentists at all? Thus, things could’ve been awful. As early as 7000 BCE, physicians in the Indus Valley Civilization had already performed tooth extraction operations. They puncture the tooth using a flint drill to remove the decayed portion—perhaps, the most excruciating phase of ancient orthodontics.

Meanwhile, today’s dental service is far and different from what people had experienced before. Dentists use various methods of easing the pain like injecting anaesthesia and utilize modern equipment for convenient and precise operation. Hence, if you’re a dentist looking for upgrades to your clinic, below are the essential modern technologies for an efficient dental service.

1. Teledentistry service

Not everyone has the means to visit a dental clinic for some reason. The person with disabilities, special needs, and elder ones might not have access, unlike your abled and younger patients. Since dental care is your primary concern as a dentist, reaching them and addressing their dental problems can be done through teledentistry.

Offering teledentistry in your clinic is one way of making your service efficient. With the right tools like a computer and internet connection, your patient can now set an appointment with your staff. The patient will no longer have an exhausting waiting game because he already has a specific schedule where he needs to show up.

Moreover, you can have a one-on-one consultation with the patient since teledentistry has access to video conferencing. During the consultation, you can record the vital details of the patient’s condition on your notes and share it with other dentists for a further and thorough evaluation.

2. Automated appointment reminder

Most often than not, missing a scheduled appointment is one of the many things people tend to forget in this fast-pacing world. Not being able to attend could potentially affect the desire to visit and set anew, and consequently fade in mind. However, it’s painful as a dentist whenever someone misses a schedule, knowing that it would worsen the situation in the long run.

To improve patient experience, you can use an automated appointment reminder to send a notice through a text message or email regarding their schedule. Through this kind of service, not only you were able to assist your patients from not missing an appointment, but you also extract their prolonging tooth agony.

Furthermore, this software-operated service helps you in organizing all the schedules in a systematized category. Without entirely discrediting the manual setting of appointment, this computer-operated service is more efficient in tracking the dates and looking for the patient’s contact information.

3. 3D Printers

3D printers have been beneficial in various fields, such as engineering, architecture, and medicine, especially dentistry. This equipment transforms the uploaded digital file into a tangible object. It forms layers of overlapping thread-like material to produce the actual replica of the file.

In dentistry, some dental clinics utilize a 3D printer to make every procedure at pace. Further, this equipment offers numerous benefits to dentists and patients.

Dentists save money

Efficiency should compromise with economic practicality, and purchasing a 3D printer to create dentures, etc. for your patient enables you to save money.

A top high-quality 3D printer would only cost $20,000 rather than building a dental laboratory that would reach an approximate of $100,000. Additionally, you have to hire employees, too. By discerning both weights, a 3D printer is more practical.

Patients save money

The dental laboratory fee is one of the fees included in the total amount the patient must pay at the end of service. Typically, it can be higher depending on the type of clinic and the essential item made for your teeth. If you are in a clinic with a 3D printer, they don’t ask for laboratory fees; and usually at a lesser price if required.

4. A painless dentistry: Laser and sedation

Although this mindset is fancy, some people would rather suffer from toothaches than visit a clinic for immediate dental care. One of the reasons why they are intensely fed-up with the phobia of going to the clinic is the fear of pain and sharp objects. Perhaps, these are the people who are not accustomed since childhood.

Today, dentistry innovations give life to new equipment and dental care methods, especially in keeping a painless tooth or gum operation. And laser and sedation dentistry are two of the many emerging pain-numbing ways.

Laser procedure

Laser dentistry is a bloodless and less painful procedure of periodontal treatment and recontouring of gums. Since it only uses laser lights, it only creates minimal wounds. Therefore healing and recovering are achieved in a few days.

Sedation dentistry

If your patient has an aichmophobia, a fear of pointed objects, going to a clinic can be their worst nightmare. Typically, injection is the primary tool to penetrate anaesthesia’s numbing effect, but most people fear injections. To make them comfortable, you can suggest the sedation method wherein you’re full asleep or half-conscious throughout the operation.


Toothaches and other related problems are probably everybody’s nightmare, but what’s more massive than this is a world without dentists to look after our teeth and gums. As a dentist, you also have to make your patients feel comfortable because the idea of tooth extraction is already a pain to them. Moreover, having an efficient dental care service using technologies will end their agony and put a smile that lasts.

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