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10 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas

30 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Alice Jackson in Extravaganza

Valentines Day DIY Gift ideas

Gone are the days when Valentine's gifts were only restricted to cards and teddy bears. Today, you can gift your loved ones anything you can think of at the click of a button. Just Like other occasions, Valentine's is also the most awaited time of the year. On this day, people express their love and feelings for their loved ones. Just a week before Valentine's Day, you get to see beautiful decorations everywhere. The gifting industry always experiences a boost during Valentine's Day. During this day, love is celebrated all over the world. From teens to aged people, everyone celebrates and values this day.

To express their love, people exchange flowers and gifts. With an increase in the popularity of celebrating V-day, a lot of entrepreneurs have started their online gift selling businesses. Since it's a business, they naturally want to make profits. And for that, they sell products at prices that everyone cannot afford. If you are someone who is looking for a great gift idea at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we will share the top 10 DIY Valentine gift ideas that are not only simple to make but quite heartfelt and apt for V-day too.

Let's get started!

1. Heart-shaped memory wall

Surprise your loved ones with this beautiful DIY wall art. To create this wall art, all you need is your favourite pictures. If you fall short of images, don't worry! Write notes behind every picture and paste it below the corresponding images. To make the wall look colourful, use coloured sticky notes.

If you are still left with some space, write your feelings for your loved ones and let everyone know the reasons for your strong bond. Before placing pictures and notes, draw the shape of a heart so that you get a perfect heart-shaped memory wall.

2. Conversation cookies

If you are a person who cannot express their feelings in words, then send a message to your sweetheart with these conversation cookies. To create these cookies, all you require are heart-shaped moulds, and the cookie ingredients like all-purpose flour, baking powder, sugar, buttermilk, etc. If you know baking, then it won't be difficult for you to make these cookies. And even if you don't know how to make cookies, then go to YouTube and search for the recipe. After all, we live in the digital era!

3. Homemade bath bombs

From the last few years, bath bombs have gained a lot of popularity; not only because of its cute shapes but because of its advantages too. They are suitable for skin, have healing properties, and create an atmosphere of luxury and opulence. Although you can get bath bombs everywhere, nothing says 'I Love You' like a homemade gift.

To create homemade bath bombs, all you need is baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, coconut oil, essential oil, natural food colour, plastic moulds, and wax paper. Mix all the ingredients, put it inside the moulds, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Now remove the bath bombs and place them onto wax paper. Let it dry overnight. Wrap it in a beautiful box and give it to your loved one. After getting to know about your efforts, your loved one will surely get impressed!

4. Couple T-shirt

Whether you are a married couple or a girlfriend and boyfriend, couple of t-shirts are a great way to show how deeply you love each other. You can create t-shirts with quotes like 'I Stole Her Heart' and 'So I am stealing His', 'If I'm Lost, Return to Diana' and 'I am Diana', etc. Instead of quotes, you can also design your t-shirt in a missing puzzle format.

The choice is all yours! Want to create head-turning custom t-shirts for this special day? Designhill is your one-stop solution!

5. Custom love deck cards

This Valentine's, if you are planning to give a greeting card to your loved one, then think again! Greeting cards, undoubtedly, are a great way to express your love. But why stick to the old style when you have other creative options? Yes! Here we are talking about custom love deck cards. Make your Valentine's day special by gifting custom love deck cards where you can mention '52 Reasons Why I Love You.' To create this sweet and thoughtful present, all you need to do is take one full deck of playing cards. Write your 52 reasons in a word document and take a print out of it.

Cut down each reason and paste it on the card. To compliment words, you can also paste your pictures. Once you are done, make holes in a card, tie a ribbon through the hole, and finish it with a bow.

6. Jersey beverage holders

If your loved one is a sporty person and they like everything that is connected with sports, then this can be an ideal gift for them. To create this gift, you need a foam insulating material that can be found in the utility fabric section of sewing stores, felt (two different colours), pinking shears, marine vinyl, washi tape, sewing needle, thread, and other basic sewing supplies. First, cut out your pieces and stitch a vinyl number piece (you can have any design, for example, a sports logo) on top of it. Place a tissue on top of the number.

It will prevent your foot from sticking to the vinyl. After that, tear away the tissue carefully. Place your patch on one of the pieces and stitch it. Place a foam body piece behind your felt body piece. Edgestitch along the V of the neck opening, sleeves, and bottom edge. Place your foam pieces together and stitch them through all the layers on the shoulders and side seams. You are done!

7. Put up a Valentine's Day tree

Who said we can decorate pine trees during Christmas only? Nowadays, people are using pine trees for Valentine's too. Just pick a colour for the tree (pink, green, or white) and decorate it with hand-stitched hearts, vintage Christmas ornaments, colourful candies, roses, and much more. You can also hang your favourite pictures on the tree along with a message or memory related to that particular picture. After looking at your efforts, we are sure that your loved one will get impressed.

8. Pop up wooden photo box

They say a picture is worth thousands of words, and we agree. This Valentine's, give your loved one a pop up wooden photo box. You can paint the box with your favourite colour and inscribe your initials on the lid. Your loved one will surely cherish this gift forever! Creating this gift is very easy. Take a wooden box. Apply stain to the box by using a paper towel. Once it gets dry, paint the inner part of the box with your favourite colour. While it gets dry, cut the strips of paper to a size that can perfectly fit inside it.

Now, by using double-sided tape, attach your pictures. Tape your photographs onto the inside bottom of the box. To create a pull, tape a ribbon on top of the photos. This can be a great gift idea for newlyweds.

9. Mason jar bouquets

No matter how much we advance, gifting flowers will always be in vogue. But instead of regular wrapping, why not uniquely wrap them. This Valentine's, if you want to present a bouquet to your loved ones then give them an 'I Love You' mason jar. These masterpieces are inexpensive and easy to find. The DIY process is even more straightforward, and the results are fantastic! To create the design, first, place your stickers (I Love You) on the centre of each jar and press firmly. Now, to paint the jars, cover the stickers with an old newspaper.

Apply at least two to three coats and let the paint dry for half an hour. Remove the coverings off the stickers gently. Your jars are ready! Put your favourite flowers inside it. So easy, right?

10. Homemade strawberry scrub

Homemade strawberry scrub also makes a perfect gift for loved ones and even for yourself. People nowadays are switching to organic products. This has led to such companies selling their products at higher prices. But why spend extra when you can make these products at home too? To make strawberry scrub, all you need is freeze-dried strawberries, cane sugar, organic virgin coconut oil and vanilla extract.

Crush all the strawberries till the time you get a dusty powder form. Add sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla extract to it. Mix all the ingredients well. And you are done!

Put it in a cute airtight jar. Don't forget to decorate the jar as presentation also matters, right?

To decorate the jar, you can follow the same instructions as we mentioned in point 9.


So, folks, these are the top DIY Valentine gift ideas. We hope that with these fantastic ideas, you get unlimited brownie points from your loved one. Moreover, DIY gifts look more personal. Since V-day is just around the corner, start prepping up to make these amazing DIY gifts and do share in comments which gift idea you liked the most from the above list.

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