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Unforgettable Ideas for Throwing Destination Weddings

02 April 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Smith Willas in Extravaganza

Ideas for destination wedding

Dreaming of a sapphire-blue water backdrop on your wedding day? Looking to tie the knot in the pristine snows of the European alps? Thinking of saying “I Do” at the Taj Mahal?

Considering a destination wedding as you embark on the journey of a lifetime with your special one? A destination wedding is one of the most beautiful ways of getting married. Indeed, nothing can be more special than getting married and having dear friends and family close by and the most stunning natural backdrops to celebrate the most memorable day of your life.

Here are some unforgettable ideas for throwing a destination wedding that you and your guests are sure to remember for a lifetime:

Video-vite: Interactive video invites

As they say, “Well begun is half done!”.

In today’s digital world, give your destination wedding the perfect kickstart by creating an interactive digital video invite or a "video-vite". There are several video invitation makers available on the internet that makes creating a "video-vite" a breeze, even for those who are not very tech-savvy.

Not only is the "video-vite" a cost-effective method of sending a wedding invite, but it is also an eco-friendly solution. A "video-vite" can also include interesting information about the destination and even the wedding itinerary.

Customised guidebook

A customised destination guidebook is one of the coolest ideas for a destination wedding. A fascinating guidebook may provide details of the destination, local cultures and traditions, regional cuisines, things-to-do, souvenirs, and much more.

The Guidebook may also contain flight information, weather reports, local laws, and travel assistance.

Remember to include loads of pictures, and interesting trivia about the couple to set the tempo for the upcoming trip.

Pre-Travel check-ins

A pre-travel check-in procedure ensures that you are saved the embarrassment of that may take place when all your guests swarm the hotel check-in counter. And it also helps your guests save precious time at the time of checking in.

A pre-travel check-in procedure involves asking your guests to send in their travel itinerary to your wedding planner or to a person designated for ensuring smooth check-ins. Also, remind your guests to email their Identity proofs to avoid lengthy queues at the check-in counter.

Customised luggage tags

Looking for a perfect gift to kickstart the wedding fervour? Customised luggage tags are sure to put your guests in the party mood. Luggage tags are also super helpful in helping the hotel staff manage the luggage when check-ins take place.

A great way to make your wedding tags a long-lasting memory is by using biodegradable luggage tags made of plantable seed paper. Once the wedding festivities are concluded, these tags may be planted in pots. The blooming flowers from the plants are a fantastic way to keep the memories of the wedding long after the festivities are complete.

The welcome party

A perfect welcome is a meaningful way to greet your guests as they join you in celebrating your special day. Your or a close friend or family member should try to welcome the guests as they start arriving personally.

Customised welcome signs are an engaging way of pepping up the party mood. Select a great bar with exotic cocktails, break-the-ice-games, a foot massage corner, lively music, and yummy snacks are a sure-shot way to let your guests unwind their travel fatigue and get in the mood of the wedding celebrations.

The welcome gift

No destination wedding is complete without a Welcome Gift. A welcome gift in a customised welcome bag is an absolute must for any destination wedding. Always remember to include a customised and personalised welcome note in your wedding bag with details of the wedding plan, and emergency contact numbers. If you are providing for individual facilities like babysitters or a kid zone, make sure you mention those details in your welcome note.

A destination wedding welcome bag may include customised wedding favours or a room-Kit with vital necessities like customised water bottles, snacks like cookies and nuts, refreshing drinks, sunscreen, bug spray, and even miniature liquor bottles.

Another extraordinary way to add excitement is to include local food and beverages, souvenirs, postcards, and other memorabilia in the quintessential welcome bag.

Go beyond the wedding - go local

Most destination weddings only focus on partying and wedding festivities. Though guests are sure to enjoy the wedding, they miss out on the local experience. An excellent way to create outstanding memories is to include local expertise as a part of your wedding festivities.

Whether it is trying local food, exploring local places, or tasting local wines, no destination wedding is complete without doing something local.

The farewell gift

A farewell gift is your chance to express your appreciation to your loved ones for gracing your special occasion. A personalised Thank-You note, a photo book of photos clicked during the wedding events, local souvenirs, handmade gifts are some beautiful memories for your guests to take home.

Destination weddings are special occasions, and memories to cherish forever. Rather than focusing on expensive and burn-a-hole in the pocket ideas, isn’t it better to concentrate on the tiny details that make memories memorable!

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