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Decoration Tips For The Office Party

23 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Smith Willas in Extravaganza

Plans for decorating the office for a party

Everyone loves enjoying the party. The cost of organising a party halts a party planning session. However, you come across several ways that can enable you to host an impressive party without having a massive burden on your pocket. With DIY for office party decoration, you win everyone’s heart.

Here are quite simple but straightforward decoration ideas for your office party:

Organise everything inside your office

First of all, you need to get rid of your office clutter. Manage and organise everything, like files, magazines, papers, and boxes. Place them at their appropriate place. For example, place magazines in the magazine stand — employee’s record files in the right box. By organising the items, you can make your workplace look clean and professional.

Contact a local arts community

Arts leave a good impact on people everywhere. At the workplace, hanging art pieces shows you value arts/painting and makes your office look impressive. Look around your locality and visit art galleries to find the best art pieces.

If possible, get in touch with a few artists and request them to create custom art pieces that can reflect your business.

Personalise most of the items connected with the party

Decorating the party venue is excellent but personalising the decoration makes the event unforgettable for most people. Customise the ornamentation of everything (tables, chairs, dining space, water bottles, etc.) being used in the party. You can decorate water bottle with custom labels, on the labels you can get your business name, logo, and inspirational message.

You can request for the labels with compelling words on every water bottle for each of your employees. With personalisation, you can make your office party a unique one.

Highlight the space by installing mats

Rugs are an excellent way of highlighting the area without making any physical barriers inside your office. Use carpets to separate the areas if your office has a bigger space with several sections. You can install pads underneath the furniture items if your office has a smaller space.

Have a decorative buffet

Maybe a simple but attractive buffet is your party requirement. If you are tight on budget, craft your buffet with forgoing fancy dishes. For the buffet, you can make pedestal bowls by using melamine bowls that have candlesticks.

Use balloons for decorating your office

It seems impossible to think about a party without balloons. Everyone, from children to adults and the old, loves using balloons in almost every party. Balloons are an inexpensive way to create a party ambience. You can select primary to bright colours to give a youthful look to your office party. For matured one, you can stop yourself using balloons of one or two colours.

You can scatter these balloons on the floor, hang from the ceiling, or use the wall for having a fun shape with balloons. Use your creative mind to use balloons for your office party decoration.

Use candles for an intimate ambience

Love having fun and intimate party vibe! Use candles to create soft lighting and hide the lack of other decorations and dust bunnies. Place candles of several different sizes and heights at in/around the workplace and the dining space of your office. Use candles in a large number on the dining table and the food areas.

Mix, but avoid matching

Usually, people try to have platters and glassware matched with the party theme. You do not need to worry if you have not glasses, plates, or other utensils of the same size and colour in a certain number. Mixing plates, dinnerware, and stemware build a texture that is itself a party decor. You can tie cloth napkins or stain ribbons around the wine bottlenecks to give a festive look to your office party.

Go natural

In the contemporary world, everyone wants to be in the lap of nature. They try to have office plants close to them for their love for nature. Give a natural look to your office party to cater to the demand. Decorate the tabletop with wooden dishware, a flower bucket, and simple but delicious foods. Use your creativity to have a decent flower bucket on the tabletop. You can contact a professional flower decoration expert for this requirement.


Office party decoration requires your creativity. With your creative mind, you can decorate your office for a particular party without having any extra burden on your budget. You can do everything, whether it is organising your office space, selecting the colour/theme or decorative items for your office party.

For the successful party decoration and organisation, you can divide works among your employees. With teamwork and the use of creativity, you will have fantastic party decoration, and each one of you will talk about it for weeks.

About the author

Smith Willas is a freelance writer, blogger, and digital media journalist. He has a management degree in Supply Chain & Operations Management and Marketing and boasts a wide-ranging background in digital media. You can follow him on Twitter.

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