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10 Ways to Choose a Purr-fect Bed for Your Cat

16 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Dan Martin in Fur, Fins & Feathers

How to pick a cat bed

Rest is a very vital aspect of a cat's life. According to research, cats sleep anywhere between 16-20 hours daily. There's no doubt that they enjoy sleeping very much. Though it may seem insignificant to you, it's your responsibility as a cat owner to provide suitable sleeping conditions.

Purchasing a bed for your cat provides more than a suitable sleeping space. It prevents the cat from sleeping on couches, your bed, or any piece of furniture in your home. Your cat will be safe and comfortable, which contributes to good health in the long run.

Choosing the correct type of bed for your cat can be challenging. It is essential to create a checklist of the kind of bed you want to buy before your rush to a pet store. This post looks into how to choose the perfect bed for your cat from the massive variety of choices available online and in physical stores.

Let's find out what you need to look for together.

1. Size matters

One cat bed buying essentials to keep in mind is the body size of your cat. The best way to avoid buying the wrong bed is to measure your cat's height, both width and length. But reminded though that the appropriate size doesn't mean it should be too big or too snug for your little paw friend.

Remember, your cat needs some space to move in inside the bed and should not feel cramped. A cat bed that's too big isn't ideal because our cats need some to feel warmth too.

If your cat is still a kitten, it might be a good idea to remember that it may outgrow its bed if it's too small. Best to buy a bed that will be just right when our little kitten is all grown up.

Don't worry too much if you can't find the right size for your little paw friend. There are tons of options on online pet stores like The Meowy. It would be helpful if you can have measurements when shopping online. This way, you have realistic expectations as to how big the bed is going to be.

2. Is it cute, though?

The shape and style of the bed you choose for your cat may not be important for them, but it can be important for you. The first thing that should cross your mind is making the cat bed part of your house. That means making sure it matches your home décor.

Whether it is about colour, design, or the overall aesthetic, it has to look like something you'll also enjoy as a paw parent.

There are tons of styles of cat beds to choose from when it comes to feline sleep options. There are whimsical cat beds that follow a certain theme. These are great for fanboys and fangirls paw parents. Hanging cat beds offer a more modern look because of their elevated design (excuse the pun). Pod-shaped beds offer more privacy for your fur baby, all while looking adorable.

3. What's it made of?

The type of material also matters a lot when choosing a cat bed. Remember, cats have strong paws that can scratch several surfaces and tear them. Thus, the material used to make the cat bed has to be of superior quality. It's important to note, though, that the quality shouldn't compromise the comfort of your cat.

Getting your cat used to their bed isn't going to be easy. The type of material used in their bed can help them adjust to their new bed faster. Some of the best materials that you can consider are velvet, cotton, fleece, and denim.

4. Warmth is a cat's best friend

Radiator beds come with heating capabilities to keep your cat warm. You should consider them if it gets a little chilly in your home. They're also perfect for the winter season to keep your little fur baby warm during the cold. During summers, they're still great beds since you can always turn off the heating system.

Having a warm bed for your cat encourages more sleep and promotes good health. Older cats that have started experiencing health issues prefer warm beds compared to colder ones. Their joints are stiffer compared to younger cats. That's why they experience the effects of a cold bed more. Furless cats and those with thin fur are also at risk for the same problem.

5. It has to keep up with your cat

How durable a cat bed is can also be worth considering before you purchase it. As mentioned earlier, cats scratch a lot, and despite buying scratching surfaces for them, they may still scratch on their beds. That means you'll be buying a new bed in no time if you don't buy a durable one in the first place.

It would help if you chose a bed that can withstand scratching. It should have a sturdy structure that will not collapse under your cat's weight. You'll be avoiding expensive repairs if you invest in a durable bed.

6. Comfort will keep them happy

Your cat needs to feel comfortable to enjoy snuggle hours. The material used to make the cat bed has to be soft to ensure maximum comfort. If your little fur baby doesn't feel comfortable, you'll find them sleeping in weird places like the laundry basket, the couch, or even your bed. If you're not a fan of cat hair, then this might be a problem for you.

The best way to keep your cat out of these places is by providing a comfortable bed for them.

Despite their love for boxes, it won't be a suitable bed for our little fur babies because it's not that comfortable. We all love our cats.

That's why you're reading this article in the first place! They deserve the comfort of a top-notch bed that will make them feel warm and safe.

7. Where will you put it?

Another factor to consider in finding the perfect bed for your cat is deciding where you'll place it. Experts advise that you should place your cat's bed where they love to sleep. Determining where you'll put your cat's bed will help you find the right size, shape, and style of bed. If your cat loves sleeping in the living room, you should choose a bed that looks good with your furniture.

You should also consider your cat's sleeping behaviour before choosing a cat bed. If your cat loves sleeping in elevated spaces, you should consider buying it a tower cat bed. They'll appreciate it more than just the standard cat bed placed on the ground. Some other cats love sleeping with a view, and a window cat bed would be perfect for them.

8. Is it washable?

Investing in an easily cleanable cat bed can also be beneficial in the long run. Washing your cat's bed is one of the best ways to keep bacteria away and make sure that your little fur baby is healthy. Aside from this, it helps to prevent odour and makes the bed comfortable. It would be good for you to choose a cat bed that is easy to clean and maintain.

A cleanable bed reduces the chances of having to buy a new cat bed too often. Check if the material of the bed you're about to choose is machine washable. An ideal cat bed shouldn't also trap hairs so that cleaning it becomes easier and faster.

Cat experts will tell you that cats are very picky and they want to sleep on clean surfaces.

9. The price should be right

In choosing the right bed, you also need to consider pricing. You do not need to break your bank trying to buy a high-end bed since most affordable beds have all the features you need.

You should write down a list of the things you want in the cat bed, then consider prices as you window shop for the best cat bed. Making price your only consideration may mislead you into buying a cat bed that won't meet your cat's needs. Finding an affordable cat bed with comfort and style will be great.

10. Do a quick hazard check

Avoid beds that have beads and hanging strings if you have a kitten. Small cats like chewing on anything they come across, and they might choke if they swallow the small parts of a bed.

Final thoughts

Buying a cat can be complicated. There's so much you need to consider; that's why researching what your cat needs are important. Looking into factors like age and size gives you an idea of the right bed for your cat.

Although the process may be challenging, it will make a world of difference for you and your cat. Your cat will find a pleasant and comfortable place to sleep. You will also have peace of mind knowing your cat is safe and comfortable.

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