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Tick-Borne Diseases Pet Owners Should Know About

Illness in pets caused by ticks

Ticks are the most annoying creatures on the face of the Earth as they cause immense difficulties and problems to not only our pets but to us pet parents as well. Apart from being creepy and itchy, ticks are also capable of spreading tick-borne diseases. In this blog, we will delve into those tick-borne diseases so that pet parents can be well aware of them, how to identify them and treat them so your pet does not have to suffer for longer than needed or infect other pets.

Which pets are suspectable to tick-borne diseases

Naturally ticks target fur animals so anything from cats and rabbits can get them but dogs have been the primary victim of ticks, and since dog ownership is widespread, tick cases seem to be skewed towards pet dogs.

What are the types of tick-borne diseases found in pets?

Tick disease isn't a one size fits all and come in different cases due to different ticks. There are numerous diseases are caused just by a single tick bite. To find out more about each type, keep reading further, they have been listed down below.


Caused by a bacterium carried out by the black-legged tick, this disease often leads to low blood platelets and causes bleeding disorders.


Yellow dog tick and brown kennel tick are the two types of tick that are carriers of this particular disease. In this disease, the dog’s red blood cells are affected, and it can spread from mother to puppy if not quickly treated. Moreover, this disease is likely to cause anaemia due to loss of excess blood.


This disease is spread by both ticks and fleas and can be transferred from animals to humans. So being extra careful is very much important. Besides, if the disease is left untreated, it can lead to liver or heart disease.


It is a rare tick-borne disease that inflames specific body tissues and is close to impossible to treat. Besides, the signs that your dog may have this disease include muscle loss, weight loss, eye discharge, blood diarrhoea, fever, and poor body condition.


Dogs that are affected with this disease develop flu-like symptoms and at the same time, might develop bleeding disorders. Some common issues related to this tick-borne disease are joint pain, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhoea, and fever. A spirochete bacteria cause Lyme Disease: Regarded as a pretty fatal disease, Lyme disease (Borrelia) carried out by the black-legged tick (more well known by the name deer ticks) specie. It takes only 36 to 48 hours for the attached tick to transmit the disease.

Hence, it becomes imperative always to scan your pet’s body for ticks every alternate day or even less.


Both ticks and fleas transmit this bacterial disease. It weakens the immune system of the host and causes depression, weight loss, and fever.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever

Such a tick-borne disease is highly prevalent among dogs and is carried out by the American dog tick specie. The disease weakens the body, causes a fever, and leads to a loss in appetite.

How to treat a tick disease

As you have read above, ticks can cause several tick-borne diseases; some of which can be quite fatal. Hence, pet parents must stay alert and protect their furry pals. Below are some invaluable tips that pet parents should follow to keep their canine friend free from perilous ticks.

  • Gain knowledge about the peak tick seasons in your area.
  • Before the tick season sets in, get your pooch on a tick preventative schedule.
  • Keep your home and yard clean because an infected area is like paradise for ticks.
  • Opt for quality tick preventatives. Sites like BudgetPetSupplies a great for browsing options or finding cheap and quality tick treatments for dogs.

Ticks are a big nuisance no doubt, but staying calm and getting your buddy on a tick preventative schedule does not only guarantee safety but keeps your pal safe from the above-mentioned tick-borne disease. Stay safe and keep protecting your pal from ticks and various other parasites.

Treating a tick attack

Thankfully as pet care has improved over time, we no longer have to simply rely on only a good old wash and scrub down of a pet but there are now several products available that are actively designed to help you to remove flea and ticks. They are also formulated to reduce recovery times and stop reinfection in some cases.

Revolution for dogs

Revolution is a vet-approved flea and heartworm preventive. The topical solution works well on multiple internal and external parasites. It eliminates fleas and flea eggs and controls flea infestation.

Bravecto spot-on for dogs

Bravecto Spot-on is an influential flea and tick treatment for dogs. It removes fleas before the production of viable eggs and the flea lifecycle. Bravecto Spot starts working on fleas in 8 hours and on ticks in 12 hours. Its powerful formula protects against flea infestation for six months and keeps ticks away for four months in dogs. It can also control dog ticks for 12 weeks.

Credelio for dogs

Oral flea and tick chewable treatment for dogs “Credelio”. This monthly beef-flavoured treatment not only eliminates but also controls future parasite infestations for one month. Credelio removes 100% existing fleas within 12 hours and various tick species just in 24 to 48 hours. Besides, this treatment is straightforward to use and is safe for all kinds of dog breeds.

Simparica for Dogs

Simparica is a long-lasting flea and tick treatment for dogs. It starts to eliminate fleas within 3 hours of administration and kills 96 percents fleas within 8 hours of being administered to your pet. The chewable version of the treatment kills adult fleas before they lay eggs for 35 days once ingested while the oral treatment is ideal for the prevention of further tick infestations.

Advantage for dogs

The advantage for dogs is a monthly flea and lice treatment for dogs and puppies. The topical flea treatment is long-lasting, and fast-acting flea killer treats fleas and biting lice on dogs. It removes adult fleas before they lay eggs and prevents flea infestation. The long-lasting formula controls re-infestation for four weeks. The advantage is a monthly topical flea treatment that is easy to administer.

Advocate for Dogs

Advocate for Dogs is a broad-spectrum treatment and prevention of fleas, flea larvae, heartworms, intestinal worms and sarcoptic mange, ear and Demodex mites. Advocate is a potent treatment to remove internal and external parasites. Advocate is a monthly treatment that can protect a dog against a range of parasitic infestations.

Frontline plus for dogs

Frontline Plus is flea and tick control treatment ideal for quick results. It kills fleas and ticks, including disease-causing ticks. Frontline Plus eliminates flea eggs and larvae production and aims to control any further parasitic infestation. Its waterproof formula supplies continuous protection even when your pet gets wet. It eliminates flea & ticks for a one full month.

How long does it take for a pet to recover

Recovery from a tick infection is a slow process and takes on average between two and nine days. However, depending on how severe the infection is, it can take some time longer.

Share your story

Has your pet had ticks before? How did you treat it? How long did it take to cure? Let us know in the comments below

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