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9 Tips to Optimize the UI of Mobile Apps

30 September 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Charles Richard in Geek Chic

UI tips to improve your mobile app

We frequently hear the terms UI and UX in the context of websites and mobile applications. Creating efficient and beautiful UIs requires more time, with many design revisions along the way. Making those endless tweaks to imagine something that your clients, users, and yourself are happy with using.

As we all know, mobile app development is rapidly enhancing the digital and technological world. Mobile apps are one of the most widely used and compelling tools to improve business potential. As a businessperson, you can't overlook the importance of having an appealing and feature-loaded mobile app for your business.

In the present world, it is essential to recognize the role and requirements of your targeted audience before developing an application. Custom software serves the unique needs of targeted clients. For this, you might need to opt for bespoke development services that will help you to develop the most accurate application and reach a broad audience of a particular market niche. This will also allow you to focus on the user interface and its fundamentals.

Tips to Optimize the UI of mobile apps

In this post, we're going to discover some valuable tips for UI optimization and the design of mobile apps that will give you some handy clues for when you're starting your next project. So, without any further ado, let's get started!

Tip #1. Avoid irrelevant functionalities

More than 75% of users use 20% of the total application. Victor Pareto here is also known as the Pareto principle that came up with the 80-20 rule, and it has since been implemented in a variety of situations.

If the design of the application and interface is the extension of an online portal, you can find out the features that monopolize that 75% of users and dispense with those that are considered irrelevant.

If you have already launched an app and are reviewing the user experience, you can do the same by consulting the monitoring data on user usage. If users are using a feature, there is probably a good reason for this.

Tip #2. Choose right colours

When choosing the colour scheme for the mobile app, make sure to opt for a model that does not have various colours to eliminate visual saturation for the user. A maximum of three usually is acceptable. It can be done in conjunction with the logo or with a variety of shades, but you are always focusing on maintaining the same line and consistency within the design of your app.

A fresh and solid colour scheme is vital for the design of new-age mobile apps. Invest some good time choosing the colour for your app as it will reflect your overall presentation and help you draw visitors.

Despite this, you also have to evade utilizing very shrill colours and mix them. This can be done, but you need to know what you are doing. The user's attention would not be focused and would end up losing. It is ever more pleasant to the eye to opt for glowing shades that inspire specific sensations according to the psychology of colour.

Every colour has a different purpose and invokes various emotions, so select those tones for your mobile app that go with your brand and give it a modern look and quality.

Tip #3. Notification of errors in navigation

A perfect and attractive user experience demands a great understanding of the function and design of the mobile application. When the errors occur, they must be identified and not waste the user's time presuming what is happening. If something goes wrong, inform the user precisely about it and tell them what they need to do. Make sure to prepare for this event.

Tip #4. Focus on responsiveness

Finger-friendly design is a must for mobile applications. Make sure that your app runs flawlessly on various devices and screen sizes. Whether this needs twitching media queries or JavaScript, no stone should be left unturned to keep users involved and occupied when switching between laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Follow platform practices and design for the best utilization of the particular platform. Don't try to reinvent the wheel and build unknown screen controls and interface elements. Take suggestions from the platform regarding the look and feel of your app. This will help you to lessen the repetition of efforts and also delight users.

Tip #5. App icons

An attractive design can help you to increase the possibilities of getting noticed. It is an eye-catching and appealing factor that can boost click-through rates. The app icon should be meaningful and visually fascinating to gain customer retention.

Tip #6. Conservation of user habits

Smartphones are handled with one hand, and some gestures are now wholly rooted in the use of the phone. Maintaining these gestures as a way of interacting with the application is a great success when defining your design. The design of your mobile app must retain it to facilitate its handling and provide an engaging user experience. Lastly, remember how strong the thumb is in the user experience and how often that is used to do all the work.

Tip #7. The perfect blend of content and UI

Having an attractive app design will not help you to gain the attention of your targeted customers, but the ideal balance of content & UI can. The users would rather stay on an application having a lousy design and navigation. A compelling design of each part with appropriate content and good unity UI will help accomplish more users.

Tip #8. Identify your goals

In the rapidly growing digital landscape, developing a mobile application is essential for any viable company. And, it gets even more beneficial when users get a better user interface design. So, when you're creating a mobile app, make sure to maintain transparency in your goals and keep your targeted audience in mind.

Tip #9. Follow the latest trends

A developer should be familiarized with the most advanced market trends as the development industry is continuously growing and gaining immense popularity. Developers should try the tardiest ways to create freakish designs based on new technologies to get the best results.

Final words

When an application is intuitive and attractive, the user can interact with the app in a fast and efficient way, so their perception will be positive. Designing a mobile app with an all-embracing UI is a challenging task. It requires years of endurance and a vast understanding of user psychology. So, continue emphasizing and experimenting to get the perfect mobile app design.

In this article, we discussed the top 9 tricks widely used for UI optimization. So, if you're planning to create a perfect UI design, make sure to follow such tips and create the best mobile applications for Android and iOS.

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