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A Guide To Verifying Your Crypto Domain With Twitter

06 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Geek Chic

Connect Twitter to your crypto website

In the world of crypto, it's all about how do we transact in the most trustless way possible; we shouldn't have to trust anyone. We should be able to verify everything ourselves to ensure that we're making the right choices.

The ease of access and open protocols provide users with the ability to transact across borders and restrictions, but this also opens them up to scams or personal mistakes. A typo here or there can have serious consequences when using cryptocurrency.

We do have chains and protocols working on human-readable addresses with the likes of HIVE, STEEM, EOS and FIO, and Unstoppable Domains adding domain NFT's on the Ethereum blockchain, making it easier to send and receive payments without the need for public-key strings.

Domain name duplicates

The thing with domain names is that they can easily be confused and underscore here, or a hyphen there, and domain names start to look similar.

It's an issue in the traditional world, with domain squatters buying up similar domains to either attract traffic away from popular brands or to sit on these brand domains hoping they are valuable enough that the actual company purchases it from them to consolidate their online presence.

While this is a nuisance in the traditional domain world, in the crypto world, where domains can send and receive payments, it becomes more dangerous to businesses or individuals who can incur revenue loss.

Crypto solutions for identity

To help domains distinguish themselves from one another, Unstoppable domains have partnered with Chainlink to help consolidate online entries by connecting web 3.0 assets with web 2.0 assets. The first roll-out has been Twitter, which has naturally been the social media site for crypto enthusiasts.

How to verify your crypto domain with Twitter

If you already have a crypto domain with Unstoppable domains, all you need to do is log in to their service and follow the following instructions.

  • Click on my domains
  • Select Chainlink Verification
  • Select the domain you want to verify
  • Click verify
  • Once you're on the verify screen, you will be asked to either purchase a verification credit or use your verification credit in your account.
  • Click enable Chainlink and verify this with your preffered Web wallet like Metamask
  • Then click the Tweet verification button
  • Twitter will then automatically open up with a prepopulated tweet
  • Post the tweet
  • Then head back to the dashboard of your Unstoppable domain
  • Click the verify tweet button and sign the transaction with your web wallet of choice
  • Then all you need to do is wait

Chainlink will then match the tweet with your domain and connect your Twitter with your .crypto domain. After that, users who visit your .crypto domain will be able to check the Twitter account connected to it and make their own decisions if this is a legitimate domain or not.

Adding additional layers of confirmation

If you feel Twitter is not enough for you and those who may want to send you payments, you can also connect your Unstoppable domain to an email account where users can mail you at your .crypto domain to confirm transactions and communicate with you in a pseudo-anonymous way.

Building out your web 3.0 experience

How are you finding the transition to web 3.0? Do you enjoy it? Is it too complicated for you? Don't you see the value? Let us know in the comments down below.

Contact us

If you're having trouble getting started with purchasing the right crypto domain then feel free to contact us, and let's see how we can help you get a domain to get started.

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Recommended reading

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