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How Law Firms Can Leverage Social Media

15 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Alexe Chasanov in Get Court

Law firm promotion on social media

Can your law firm be successful in social media? The answer is a resounding yes!

Various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter gives plenty of opportunities to connect with prospects, keep an eye on your toughest competitors, and catch up with the latest news in the industry.

Almost every sector is increasing its social media presence and considers it as a crucial part of their marketing strategy. But the thing is, social media for lawyers comes with a unique set of challenges. In the law industry, the competition of getting more clients is particularly fierce.

Here are five powerful ways law firms can be successful in social media marketing.

1. Be social in your everyday affairs

Social media can present your firm with added opportunities so that you can interact with clients. Some of the popular platforms can include the following:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Note that all of these platforms are suited for a particular interaction style that can give real benefits to your firm in the long run. So start by being social with your everyday affairs.

Integrate your tweets, posts, and other interactions so that you can build a name for yourself in the online community.

Over time, the pay off will be huge, as there will be an increased sense of trust and improvement in your law firm’s online reputation. Doing so allows you to achieve greater heights in the world of digital marketing.

2. Keep your branding consistent

According to amazelaw.com:

“Social media is a visual representation of your brand. That's why in every marketing platform that you have, you have to keep your branding consistent whether it is your website or on social media. By doing so, you are giving prospects the right perception of your brand.”

Use the same colours and images on your social media sites as you would do on your website. That way, it is easier for your audience to distinguish your brand.

Also, see to it that every image on social media is at the correct size for each platform. Every social media platform have various dimension requirements, so make sure that you optimize the images that viewers see.

When you relay your brand image through every channel, you are giving a visual story that is accurate with your readers.

3. Engage with your audience

Social media is an excellent marketing media for law firms because it helps you get your name out there, and then gradually gain exposure. If done properly, it can help you gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

That's why you must engage your audience. The key here is to post interesting and engaging content that people can relate to, whether it is funny, compelling or informative.

On Facebook and Twitter, you can share interesting law posts from other law pages and people. You can also use it to share news about your firm. On LinkedIn, you can craft high-quality engaging content that will compel people to read.

Whenever you can, make sure that your social media content points back to your own domain and encouraging people to visit your site.

4. Consider time on posting content

To build an effective social media campaign for your law firm, you need to know the right timing because these posts can have a short shelf life.

Twitter is perhaps the most challenging platform to use because it disappears quickly depending on your follower count. On the other hand, the reach of your Facebook posts depends on the newsfeed algorithm, that will take into account how engaging and relevant your post is to your audience.

That's why you must schedule the timing of your social media posts to maximize your reach and to engage with a maximum number of fans and followers.

5. Choose the right social media platforms

So how do you choose the best social media platform for your law firm?

Not every social platform out there will be ideal for your practice. That's why you need to identify the key social platforms that work for you early on so that you can focus your efforts on the right place.

Here is the list of social media platforms that can help you make your decision.

  • Facebook: Being the largest social media platform in the world with over 2 billion monthly active users, consumer-focused lawyers can greatly benefit from it. It is because Facebook is an excellent way to stay engaged and focused on the issues that are relevant to your area of practice. Moreover, Facebook Ads are easy to make and manage. Although you have to pay for these ads, it is up to you to virtually choose any amount that you want to invest.
  • Instagram: Depending on what type of law you practice, this platform can also be helpful as well. Let's say that you are handling DUI or paternity cases with a younger demographic. If that is what you are primarily focusing on, then, Instagram can be a valuable tool for your firm.
  • LinkedIn: If you are mostly getting referrals from other attorneys, then LinkedIn is a great place to start excellent and meaningful connections. It is also an excellent tool for connecting with other firms, as well as industry-adjacent professionals like realtors and financial advisors. Moreover, it generates 277% more leads than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Twitter: Although a relatively small number of law firms utilize Twitter, it can still be an excellent tool that can benefit your firm. You can network real-time, as you learn more about your competition. So start making an account and follow other lawyers, clients, and industry influencers. To show interest in their content, you can retweet their posts, while sharing your own educational posts alongside it.

The bottom line

Building a solid social media strategy for your law firm does take time and effort.

However, it is crucial to ensure that your chosen platforms will work to your advantage. That way, you are able to reach out to the right audience and your clients will keep coming back to you.

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