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How Your Workplace Disputes Can Be Eased With Legal Help

24 June 2022 | 1 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Get Court

How legal help can solve workplace issues

There’s no such thing as a healthy work environment. Every office grapples with various kinds of challenges. Many of these challenges may be easy to address by the relevant departments. But some could result in long-drawn workplace disputes.

A workplace dispute can arise for various reasons. The reasons could range from as simple as competing for specific spots in the office space to as severe as wrongful termination.

Without prompt interventions, workplace disputes can escalate too quickly. Incessant employer-employee conflicts can negatively impact staff morale, ultimately stifling the company’s productivity. The disputes could also cause mental distress and lead to employee resignation.

Every company has departments mandated to handle employee disputes. But what if the aggrieved party feels their interests may not adequately be canvassed? That’s when an employee rights lawyer comes in handy.

This post details how a lawyer can help iron out your workplace disputes.

What is a workplace dispute?

A workplace dispute is a type of conflict that occurs in the work environment. These disputes can involve various parties in the workplace, including employees, employers, and even clients. However, most workplace dispute cases involve an employer or supervisor and their employees.

What causes workplace disputes?

As already mentioned, workplace disputes can result from all manner of causes.

Common ones include:

  • Poor managerial skills
  • Inadequate staff training
  • Unfair treatment
  • Poor communication skills
  • Unclear job roles
  • Employment contract issues
  • Poor work environment
  • Gross inequality in the workplace
  • Disputes over wages and benefits
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Discrimination (based on sex, race, academic qualifications, social background, etc.)

Despite the causes of workplace disputes, these disputes can escalate so fast if not addressed early enough. They could lead to further harassment and discrimination, resignation and termination, and litigation.

How might a lawyer help?

An employee rights lawyer can go a long way in helping you navigate workplace disputes. Suppose you’re based in Wisconsin or nearby states. In that case, it’s reassuring to know that you can get your hands on a professional, so it's best to hire an experienced workers' compensation lawyer who guarantees top-notch legal representation at reasonably affordable rates.

But before you proceed to hire a lawyer for workplace disputes, it would help to understand precisely how you stand to benefit from their legal counsel.

A lawyer can help you determine if you have a case

As a victim of workplace disputes, you’d first want to establish whether you have a case before going the litigation way. Note that not all conflicts emanating from your place of work may constitute sufficient grounds for litigation.

For instance, you cannot possibly sue your employer for declining a salary raise. You’ll have difficulty proving their actions constitute criminal conduct or professional misconduct.

Therefore, this is one of the areas an attorney can be resourceful. Using their experience, the lawyer will look at the case and tell you right off the bat whether it should go ahead to full litigation or not.

A lawyer can help you argue your case

Your colleague has been harassing you for months on end. You have managed to gather enough evidence to take them down. Unfortunately, you may not have the requisite legal skills to argue your case before a panel. This could make you lose a case you’d otherwise have easily won.

Besides helping you determine whether the other person has a solid case to answer, a lawyer can also help you argue your case to the satisfaction of any hearing panel. Their experience in the legal profession will enable them to piece together the individual bits to build up a strong case against your offender.

A lawyer can challenge the evidence

Every workplace dispute involves the plaintiff and the defendant. You may not always be the aggrieved party. Sometimes, you could be the aggressor.

Depending on how hurt the other person is, they may opt for legal redress. That leaves you no option but to hire an employee rights lawyer. The only difference is that your attorney will focus more on challenging evidence than proving that the other person is at fault in this case. Fortunately, that’s another domain most professional employee rights lawyers are well conversant with handling.

A lawyer can help negotiate a better settlement

Your employer has been threatening you with wrongful termination lately. You equally threatened to sue them, and the next thing you know, they award you a nominal salary raise in a bid to pacify you. The pay rise may sound tempting.

But it could all be a trap.

Instead of stopping at the threats, go the extra mile and bring the matter to full litigation. Your lawyer can help you negotiate a far better settlement.

For instance, they may have your employer review the terms of your contract in line with prevailing labour policies. That could make it harder for your boss to fire you without justifiable cause. And even if you’re terminated, you could be eligible for hefty compensations.

Wrap up

There are numerous reasons to hire an employee rights attorney to help with workplace disputes. Always exhaust all the internal dispute resolution mechanisms before engaging a lawyer. Also, review your company’s policies and employee handbook for more insights into how to deal with similar conflicts.

And even if the matter is settled in your favour, it’s important to remember that workplace conflicts will always arise. So, the best solution is to address these disputes before they blow out of proportion.

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