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5 Amazing Outdoor Adventures in Hawaii

21 October 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Branka Virily in Hit the Road

Adventures in Hawaii

Some people are quite content to sit on a beach for their whole vacation, with a pretty pink drink in their hands, looking out at sea. Not you, though! You vacation hard and choose adventure whenever – and wherever – you can. If you are looking for exciting ways to vacation in Hawaii, read on for some amazing outdoor adventures!

Adventure at sea

Perhaps the greatest way to pack a lot of adventure into a trip is to take an exciting Hawaii cruise. Besides the awesome views of the ocean, the sunrise, and the sunset, you can enjoy your outdoor time by swimming or walking around the decks. As the night comes and it’s time to relax a bit, you can spend your evening dancing under the stars.

Adventures in nature

Once you step off the cruise ship and onto the shores of Hawaii, there is so much to choose from that you won’t have the chance to get bored. Try a day trip to the island’s waterfalls, volcanos, and black-sand beaches. If you want to get closer to active volcanoes, you can even do that with either a helicopter or a driving tour. If you are a stargazer (or even if you’re not), you will enjoy a night tour of Mauna Kea Summit, away from the lights of the city, the perfect way to see the entire sky or just part of it up close, with one of the telescopes available.

If stars and waterfalls don’t interest you, but water and animals do, how about some water adventure? Have a night snorkel and meet some manta rays, or get up close with the dolphins. If you prefer, rent your own personal “scooter” submarine, a personal, self-propelled way to see the underwater sights without worrying about learning how to snorkel. Try a submarine ride to see a variety of marine life, or choose a tour where you get to dive down to see the underwater lava formations. Or, enjoy a boat trip where you sail out to see pods of humpback whales migrating.

Sporting adventures

If taking a tour or snorkelling to visiting wildlife still isn’t active enough for you, don’t worry – Hawaii still has more to offer you. Try an ATV tour of the islands or a zip lining adventure where you get to fly over different gorgeous spots. Are you a fan of fishing? Even if you’ve never picked up a rod before, you’ll have fun on an afternoon of deep-sea fishing.

Adventure for a good cause

If you are in Hawaii for more than a few days, you may have enough time to give back to the land and the people. Hawaiian hotels partner with local nonprofit groups who need volunteers for beach clean-up, coastal preservation projects, farm work, and more. Even better, when you volunteer your time, you can gain an extra free night at a hotel or a free breakfast.

Adventure from beyond the grave and beyond the stars

If earthly adventure isn’t enough for you, you might try one of the many ghost tours on the islands. The state has a rich history, and much of it is dark – it’s the perfect combination for some good hauntings. Ghost and vampire tours will not only put a shiver up your spine, but they are a great way to learn about the area’s history, culture, and folklore.

If ghosts aren’t your thing, but aliens are, you can also find a UFO tour – many people may not know this about Hawaii, but it is known as a “hotspot” for UFOs and aliens!

Hawaii has something for everyone

One of the great things about Hawaii is that it has something for everyone, no matter how adventurous you are. And, when the adventure is over for the day, you can relax and soak in the beauty of the islands, and maybe take in a luau – and then you’ll be ready for another adventure tomorrow!

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