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7 Unique Things To Do in Lisbon

20 January 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Lydia Colman in Hit the Road

Fun activities in Lisbon

Portugal's capital is one of those cities that makes people instantly fall in love as many visitors can testify to having that same feeling once they've landed in Lisbon. There's something unique about the colourful houses, the tiles, and the labyrinth of cobblestone roads that immediately charm any visitor. I've had the privilege of visiting this stunning town and getting a first-hand experience to many of magical traits that captivate thousands of tourists each year.

While I could spend hours talking about the city and my time there I decided to sum up my time with seven unique things to do in Lisbon if you want to get a little more off the beaten track.

1. You have to visit the oldest bookshop that is still in operation

For all our fellow book worms, a visit to the Livraria Bertrand is a must. The library is the oldest running bookshop in the world. The bookshop was opened in 1732; this landmark is an authentic relic of Portugalian history. The bookshop is listed in the Guinness World Record!

The bookstore is open every day, so it's easy to pop in when you have some free time. If you have time, you should relax on leather couches and read a new book.

2. Taste the local food

We believe that one of the best ways to learn about a new city is through its food culture! You can wander around and explore on your own, but if you want quality food, we can recommend the best one. You will indeed taste the top specialities, and you can find the best places where to eat!

You have to make sure to try one of the most famous local delicacies - Pastel de Nata.

You do not want to miss to taste some local drinks, including a traditional Imperial beer and Ginjinha liquor - the delicious sour cherry alcohol. By the way, you have to stop at some of the city most iconic streets and most beautiful viewpoints - oh what a panorama view you will have.

3. LX Factory

If you want to see the Lisbon transformation, visit the very cool industrial complex - LX Factory. The factory has restaurants, bars, shops, and impressive street art. This place was once a fabric factory, and now it is completely revitalized.

The area has a hipster vibe with cool coffee shops around and an impressive bookstore. On Sundays, they organize a flea market - the perfect idea for unique souvenirs.

4. Markets In Lisbon

After a long day walking down the streets of Lisbon, there is a chance that you are starving. You can head over to Time Out Lisbon market, where you can have the best food choices. This market has every food and drinks you could ever want.

5. Visit the University of Lisbon

For all those tourists that are really into seeing something unique, and they are not weak - at the University of Lisbon, there is a preserved head of one of the most famous serial killers in Portugalia from the 1800s. If we go back in time, scientists believed they could learn something about the characteristics of a killer based on the shape of their head.

The serial killer was named Alves. And after he was hanged for his crimes, experts at the university decided to save his head for examination purposes. The head remains in a jar, well preserved, on a shelf in the University of Medicine. Unfortunately, it's not usually open to the public, so you will have to befriend a student or try to sweet-talk your way inside.

6. Drinks in Bairro Alto

If you're looking for authentic Lisbon nightlife, it's no overstatement when we say Barrio Alto is the place to be. This district is known for the small bars that are situated in the maze of cobblestone streets. They're nothing fancy, and the drinks come at affordable prices.

You can meet new friends and wander around until you find the next cool bar. For all the men out there who are being married, a Lisbon Stag Do is a must. You can organize it in the Barrio Alto neighbourhood, and surely you are going to love it!

7. Stay for big festivals in Lisbon

If you're want to party in Lisbon, pay attention to the city's big festivities. Throughout the beginning of June, the town starts buzzing with fun until June 12th- when the festival of Lisbon's patron saint, Santo Antonio takes place.

The narrow alleys of Barrio Alto and around the city are packed with party people celebrating in the street. The festival sometimes it is called 'The Sardine Festival'.

Living the Lisbon lifestyle

Lisbon is more than a seaside town with fantastic weather, while many do enjoy the tourist trappings of the city, there is more to it than lazing on the beach and drinking cocktails. If you're motivated enough, the city can throw up some pleasant surprises for the ardent explorer, and that's really where the fondest memories will be made.

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