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6 Beaches You Have To Visit In Nassau

14 August 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Maria Alberto in Hit the Road

Best beaches in Nassau

We've all seen it online, white sandy beaches with clear blue waters, these images proliferate websites like Instagram and Pinterest all the time, giving us the urge to book the next holiday. We've all heard of the Bahamas, the island paradise and while it is a bucket list destination for many around the world, not much is known about its famous beaches.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas, and it is one of the best places for a summer vacation after this pandemic is finally over. Located on the new province island, Nassau has many incredible beaches, and no matter what your preferences are, you will be able to find a beach in Nassau.

The beaches in the Bahamas are known to be some of the best in the entire world. Furthermore, the Bahamas is close to the US, and it is a very convenient location to travel to if you're looking for an island getaway.

Therefore, if you are looking for a vacation destination to get rid of all your stress, visit Nassau, and don't forget to check out these six beaches when you are there.

1. Saunders beach

If you are travelling to Nassau with your family, you should visit Saunders beach. This fantastic beach is one of the most kid-friendly beaches in Nassau, and it isn't too crowded either.

There is a dedicated safe swimming area for kids and a playground as well. Furthermore, Saunders beach is one of the few beaches in the Bahamas with proper Public restrooms, changing areas, and showers.

However, when it comes to food options, there aren't going to be too many at sounders beach, therefore, remember to pack some snacks and drinks when you visit this amazing family beach.

2. Cabbage beach

Cabbage Beach is one of the most spectacular and longest beaches in the Bahamas. The two-mile-long stretch of white sand and picture-perfect turquoise waters, with just the right number of palm trees, is a must-visit spot in Nassau.

Cabbage Beach is relatively popular, and some of the best resorts in the Bahamas, including Atlantis and the breezes resort and spa are located on cabbage beach. You can access the pools and other amenities of these resorts for a day pass, or you can relax on the beach and have delicious cocktails at one of the many beachfront bars.

When it comes to water sports, there is no shortage of stuff to do on cabbage beach. There are many fun water activities to participate in at cabbage beach, from surfing and riding jet skis to snorkelling and scuba diving.

Though cabbage beach is also crowded, you can find some decent places to relax and get a nice tan on the east side of this super long beach.

3. Jaws beach

Though the name of this beach does make it feel a little scary, you aren't going to find any sharks on this shore. However, the interesting thing about this beach is that it was the filming spot for the final instalment of the famous film Jaws.

This is a fantastic beach if you are looking for a secluded and private spot. In fact, during the week, the beach is practically deserted. Therefore, if you are visiting Jaws beach, make sure to take some snacks and drinks.

The scenery on this beach is breathtaking, and it is a great place to relax and tan while listening to the ocean's soothing sounds.

4. Cable beach

Cable beach is one of the most famous beaches in Nassau, and we can't talk about Bahaman beaches without mentioning it. Cable beach is crowded with locals and travellers, and you can meet a lot of amazing people here.

There are several resorts on Cable beach, and though the beach is public access, you can pay a little extra to get a day pass to one of the resorts and enjoy their pools, restaurants, and other amenities. However, if you are travelling on a budget and don't want to splurge on a resort day pass, there are several beachfront bars and food spots that you can enjoy, and you can go for a swim in the ocean.

If you want to enjoy some water sports, Cable beach is one of the best spots. You can rent a jet ski, enjoy kitesurfing, or experience the ocean's beauty while snorkelling.

Though Cable beach is a great spot, it can get overcrowded sometimes, especially around spring break. However, if you want someplace a little more private and have the budget, check Exuma's private island.

5. Blue Lagoon Island

If you are in Nassau, you have to check out the Blue Lagoon Private Island. There are several exhilarating water sports to take part in on this island, and you can also enjoy the spectacular water park.

However, the highlight of this beach is the swimming with the dolphins' program; you can watch the dolphins do some amazing tricks and swim with them as well. Dolphins are quite intelligent, and they can be very affectionate, therefore, swimming with them will be a once in a lifetime experience.

The island also has a resort, where you can enjoy the pools and restaurants or get a meal from the many vendors on the beach and in the water park. The Blue Lagoon island is a must-visit spot if you are travelling to Nassau.

6. Junkanoo beach

This beach isn't the most beautiful, and neither does it have the best water sports; however, it is the closest beach to downtown Nassau. Though this beach typically isn't too crowded, if you visit during spring break, you will find it filled with college students and parties.

If you aren't visiting during spring break, you will find Junkanoo beach a great spot. Another great thing about this beach is that it has proper public toilets, changing areas and showers.

As far as food options are concerned, there aren't as many as cable beaches or cabbage beach, but you can find food and cocktail vendors. Junkanoo Beach is a great spot to end your day and watch the sunset after visiting all the fantastic museums and other attractions in downtown Nassau.

Final thoughts

Nassau is one of the most visited places in the Bahamas, and once you check out the unforgettable beaches and resorts over here, you will know why. I hope that you have an epic trip to Nassau and enjoy the beaches mentioned in this post as much as I did.

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