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5 Marketing Facts That Might Kill Your Sales

07 November 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Sandra Larson in Industry Experts

marketing mistakes that reduce sales

Sales go hand in hand with marketing. It is a well-known convention of an active business. An effective market strategy will bring to any company with a significant number of leads and prospects. The main problem existing in the majority of companies is the wrong treatment of a connection between sales and marketing departments. They are often not around each other at the workplace, although these departments, more than any other, should work very closely together.

Below are more delusions of big companies.

5 Truth Facts Misleading Marketing Teams

1. Your customers act the same way as you do

Thinking that the buyers make their buying decisions the same way as you do yours, is wrong. People are different. You should bear in mind that the trick which affects your buying behaviour, won’t work with another buyer. Don’t also rely on last-year success. It might happen that your customers have changed. They may differently perceive the information about your services or products.

Think of new sales tools that may surprise people. Get to know your clients better. Carry out comprehensive research on rival products and people who buy them. Think about the main advantages your competitors offer to people.

Explore who those people are: what is their average age, the location where they live, professions, etc. Draw a portrait of your company’s target audience and design your services and products following this portrait.

2. Social selling is a waste of time

Don’t underestimate the power of social sales. Modern sale techniques include building close relationships between a company and its customers. It works best in B2B sections. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Social marketing can boost your earnings considerably.

SMM specialists conduct in-depth research on the market, work closely with content strategists, develop the best media pitches plans, and implement automation programs and software for the efficient working experience.

Your website developers, as well as designers, have to work also on better user experience and explicit content for the buyers, understand well the benefits you offer.

3. Specialists who work in marketing will enhance profit.

This truth fact is slightly wrong. Don’t rely only on your managers working in the marketing department. Sales managers have to learn the tools and methods that the marketers offer.

They frequently start the conversation with the customers. First, that’s why they have to be aware of the fact that they are the core elements in the selling process.

4. Modern tools are too complicated to use

Blogs and websites are now must-haves marketing sales can’t go without these digital assets. Think wider! Find out, for example, how Big Data can help your business grow. The words that sounded scary for us have already entered our lives and changed it substantially.

Implementing Big Data technologies in your company will allow it to develop your business. Big Data is a revolutionizing technology that offers the best analytical tools that can quickly process the information and provide precise results.

5. Our strategy is the best

Thinking that your sales specialists are the best can play tricks on you. Conduct comprehensive research on your competitors’ selling techniques and how effective they are. Use the research results to improve the strategies. Pay attention to new teaching methodologies for educating your team.

Provide funding for the education and training of your employees. These were the top mistakes in marketing sales that can be observed in any business. The main recommendation to the businessmen is to feel the pulse of the market events and new strategies that appear every day.

Here are some ideas to use for better selling results:

  1. Track the success and failures of your campaigns regularly.
  2. Use all valuable opportunities to promote your services and products, including social media channels, digital instruments, and print media.
  3. Launch powerful email promotions on special occasions and holidays.
  4. Test your advertising materials before starting a campaign.
  5. Build close and strong relationships with buyers.

Listen to your representatives and customers opinions and recommendations and take them into account. Be respectful to your clients and don’t forget about live communication!

About the author

Sandra Larson is an experienced writer and editor on same day essay.com. She enjoys helping college students develop and improve themselves by sharing useful tips and insights on her website regularly. During her free time, you’ll find her walking in the forest or playing with her dog.

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