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What Are Podcasts And How Do They Work?

19 October 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Lalita Devi in Industry Experts

An introduction to podcasting

Podcasting is a general way of distributing audio files through the Internet. A podcast is an audio file that you can download from the Internet, often in MP3 format. When you have downloaded a podcast, you can listen to it on a computer, or you can even transport it to a portable device like an iPod or other Portable Media Player (PMP), your mobile phone, or so on.

In the firmest sense, podcasts are subscribed to using straightforward syndication (RSS) is a way of providing people with frequently updated content. By using podcast software podcasts can be subscribed to, and if the podcast is in a "series", fresh episodes can be automatically downloaded on your device as they get available.

Moreover, not just for fun, entertainment, or education; podcasts can be a great plus for any arena. For business owners, podcasts can be a brilliant way to develop an intimate connection with listeners and possible customers.

Once you do podcasting, the potential consumers hear you speak, one on one. It helps to improve your relationship in a way that your written content may fail to do. Moreover, offering diverse ways for your audience to engage with your content and your brand is never a shallow or ineffective thing.

Similarly, a podcast can also help you build a reputation or name from scratch and position yourself as an authority in your niche. You can drive traffic to your online Trusted Marketing Agency or through backlinks in podcast directories as well as directing your audience to visit your site at the end of each episode.

Key points about podcasts and podcasting:

The following key points will give you a basic idea about the concept of podcasts.

Flexible delivery

Since podcasts are typically downloaded and can easily be copied onto portable devices like iPod and mobile phones, you and your friends can listen to them anywhere at any time, that too in the absence of being connected to the Internet. This offers enormous potential for flexible delivery of learning resources.

Audio as en educational medium

The arrival of podcasting places a new emphasis on the use of audio resources in teaching and learning. Audio has often been seen as a "poor relation" to video and other types of multimedia, and perhaps the most significant challenge in the usage of podcasting in education is to find ways in which audio materials can be most powerfully used in educational terms.

However, more and more people are finding interest in listing to educational podcasts because they get to learn so much about their desired topic or genre. Moreover, since podcasts are audios, they can even listen to the podcasts when they are walking, jogging, or merely sitting on the couch.

Creation of podcasts

Recording a podcast is nearly as easy as listening to one. Have a quick look at the procedure.

  • Plug a good quality microphone into your device or computer
  • Install a good audio recorder for Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can easily find audio recorders for free.
  • Form up an audio file by making a recording (you can talk, sing, or even record music) and save it to your computer.
  • Finally, you must upload the audio file to one of the podcasting platforms.

Of course, you need to submit the podcast on a podcast platform and wait for their response. However, if you have your website, you can look for the website templets or designs wherein you can have your podcast on your platform.

What type of show can you do?

Then, you cannot simply start it right that you need to plan out your type of show, the name of the show, will it be episodic or weekly or what.

For example, find out if you want:

The solo show

It is the show that is also known as the monologue. The perks of this show are that you do not require to rely on anyone else to record your episodes, and you will build a reputation as the authority on your subject. Moreover, the podcast is also exclusively yours, so you can easily make calls on sponsorship and monetisation.

However, you may face challenges too in a solo monologue like this because it is sometimes the most intimidating show for the beginner podcaster. One of the most significant tests of the solo show is getting over the feeling that you are merely talking to yourself and realising that you have a word with the listener.

The co-hosted show

Then you can look for this type of show too in which you will present alongside a friend or a colleague. The perks of this format are that it is an excellent way around the mic fear or recording alone is to chat on the show with somebody else.

If you find the right co-host, you have somebody to bounce off, debate, or even mock humorously. There are co-hosted podcasts too that have great chemistry between the presenters. This can create a first-class listening experience for the listeners.

But here, you may experience challenges like not only do you need to set aside time to record, but that time should also be suitable for your co-host. There's also the question, or doubt of ownership: who's podcast is it? Now, you may encounter instances where you need to think if you split any future income like 50/50? And what happens if your partner on the show or co-host loses interest or turns out to be unavailable in the future?

An interview show

It is a show that borrows the expertise or fun value of others. The good thing about this sort of podcast show is that you get a chance to talk to influential people.

Doing an interview podcast allows you to have a chat with somebody you've always looked up to in the past. On top of this, your guests will experience their audiences who may listen to the interview and end up subscribing to your podcast show. If you do it well, you end up growing or boosting your listenership extensively.

However, here interviewing is a skill that you may need to hone through practice, so don't approach the A-listers in your niche straight away. You may require to find and approach potential guests, schedule interviews frequently, and then depend on others to show up (in person or digitally). You also may require to rely on technology (like Skype) to work smoothly throughout each call.

Bringing it all together

To sum up, podcasts are top-rated, and you can host them too. You need to start at step one and then take it one step at a time. Podcasting is a great way to become popular and reach out to people.

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