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The Importance of Having a Company Wikipedia Page

17 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Cameron Brody in Industry Experts

Why have a wiki page

Have you ever wondered what wonders this prestigious website holds within itself? Have you ever thought about exploring the ins and outs of it? Do you ever think about in what ways a Wikipedia page can bring a massive impact on your brand image and brand visibility?

If you haven't pondered upon such aspects, then it isn't very reassuring to say that you aren't doing best for your business. You aren't working hard enough to enhance your brand's reputation, image, and visibility. You aren't thinking of boosting up your website's research rankings.

What a pity!

Wikipedia happens to be the 7th most visited website in the world. With 578 articles being published on it per day, it serves as a dynamic platform to provide knowledge-factual based information to a non-expert audience. Being open to collaborative and anonymous editing, Wikipedia acts as the largest encyclopedia online.

Not only people in business but various athletes, influencers, and celebrities can leverage from this astute podium as well. Thus, no one can deny the fact that Wikipedia can be your big break if you are planning on leaving your mark in this digital world.

Why does it matter?

Landing a page on this esteemed website increases your Rankings on Google's SERP'S, brings in more tenability, and assists you in grabbing a vast number of audiences expanding your sales and growth.

However, every business can't do this, but when you think about the benefits, I'll say it's worth exploring. Many companies make use of professional Wikipedia writers to craft leading articles for Wikipedia.

A list of perks that you can get out of creating a Wikipedia page for your website has curated for you.

1. To amplify credibility

When you create a Wikipedia page for your website, you are, in return doing yourself and your business enormous favour. Not only, but you are elevating your online presence by also levelling up the brand's overall tenability. It tends to create more business avenues as Wikipedia aids in opening doors to new opportunities.

However, due to Wikipedia's strict authoritarian guidelines, your website would need to qualify for the notability test, which further enriches its authenticity for having a strong and powerful existence. It can generate brand awareness and drive your business towards the road to success.

2. Could you do it for all the SEO perks?

Gone are the days when Wikipedia helped us in writing our science assignments. It has some significant tricks up its sleeves now. Being the fifth most visited website, Wikipedia is great for generating traffic on your website due to its backlinks reflected in its domain authority. It also doesn't stay behind in link building. Thus, if you are worried about topping up your SEO game, then Wikipedia is the perfect solution.

For research writing purposes, many writers consider Wikipedia as a trusted source to kick start their careers. Not only the articles on Wikipedia contain correct content, but all references are also valid. Not only can this, having content uploaded here to showcase your brands and businesses more reliably.

This is due to the reason that all information displayed here is extracted from various websites and is shown in featured snippets or other knowledge panels. Wikipedia has claimed over 11% of all featured snippets in the U.S for the year 2017.

Hence, when your website's information is used by other sites out there, you know how easy it's boosting up your online presence and making you more visible.

3. To top up your brand visibility game

After understanding your brand credibility factors that Wikipedia tends to enhance, we cannot leave brand visibility behind. As mentioned above, when websites take out information from your Wikipedia page to display on their own, it automatically elevates your brand increases your brand awareness, allowing you to reach masses.

Unfortunately, it's only possible for companies who are notable for qualifying for this. So, if you are looking to intensify your brand visibility, then creating a Wikipedia page is a perfect choice.

4. To drive recognition

Due to the immense popularity of Wikipedia, your business can become popular worldwide. Wikipedia aids in giving you that global visibility kick, that you have been craving for quite some time.

A Professionally written content and a well maintained Wikipedia page speak for your brand. It helps in giving your brand voice by building its brand persona. So, if your business is lacking recognition, then create a Wikipedia page right away.

Take away

In conclusion, when all Wikipedia perks mentioned above are taken into account, creating a Wikipedia page is the most reliable option you have. It will inevitably do wonders for you.

However, if you struggle with getting through this process, then there are numerous services online that specialize in creating potent Wikipedia articles.

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