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Top 5 Plagiarism Checkers in 2019

17 October 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Tota Kostenko in Industry Experts

Best plagiarism checkers in 2019

With the proliferation of web pages, we are dealing with the problem of duplicate content. But the problem is not confined to online publishing. If you are familiar with offline publishing, you know that plagiarized content is a tough deal these days.

If you are a content writer or website owner, plagiarized content can ruin your hard-earned reputation. Fortunately, now many plagiarism checkers can save you from this embarrassment. In this post, we are going to focus on the top 5 plagiarism checkers.

1. StudyHippo

StudyHippo is now one of the most advanced anti-plagiarism checkers out there. With the help of this tool, billions of documents are analyzed every day. The developers of this plagiarism checkers conducted extensive research, and you will enjoy the outcome of the hard work when using this tool.

Reviews of service can be misleading because sometimes you will have to deal with extravagant reviews. You can check this duplicate content checker link to learn whether StudyHippo is a useful tool. The sophisticated search mechanism of this tool is one of the best of its type.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly, one of the most well-known plagiarism checkers, is popular with writers. It not only detects plagiarism but also helps you become a better writer. You need to download it, and it will work while you are working online. You can use this tool to proofread the text and scan spelling errors.

The system can scan and detect up to 250 types of spelling and grammatical errors. That means, the software checks not only plagiarism but also grammatical mistakes. The software also helps you enhance your vocabulary. It has two versions: free and premium.

Protip! Did you know you can recover lost documents checked with Grammarly? Find out how.

3. PlagTracker

This software is free, and you can use it to check an unlimited number of words. In addition to that, detailed reports of the work are provided via the email. However, there are some limitations to this plagiarism checker. The most notable limitation of this tool is that it can not offer results immediately. You have to wait for about 30 minutes before you get the results.

Some users also report that the results are not always 100% per cent reliable. To make sure that the content is unique, you should use different software to check the content. An extra tool will produce results more reliable. This tool has a free version as well as a paid version.

4. Unicheck

Unicheck is one of the most well-known plagiarism checkers out there. Now writers, bloggers and editors all over the world are using this tool with great satisfaction. You do not need to download this software because it is cloud-based software.

The sophisticated algorithms of this program can detect duplicate text instantly. In just a moment, this plagiarism checker lets you know if there is any duplicate text in the entire web.

Even during peak times, this software can check a lot of text. Every user has unique requirements, and that is why this program offers various packages. Unicheck provides both free and premium services.

5. Sameday Papers

To make sure that your content is original, you must use a good plagiarism checker. Even if you have written the content from scratch, there are still risks of coincidences. A professional program can ease that worry and make your life a lot easier.

Sameday Papers is a writing service, but it also has a highly sophisticated, free plagiarism checker. The results provided by this software are pretty reliable. Anyone with an internet connection can use this plagiarism checker.

Make sure your content is unique 

Whether you are a student, blogger or writer, you will find the programs very useful. Although there are many other good plagiarism checkers, these five are often recommended by experts.

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