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5 Benefits of Scheduling Tasks Smartly

Scheduling task benefits

They say technology is a piece of bliss. It’s also quite a bit of paradox when you take a look at it from close quarters. At one end, you got smartphones at the palm of your hand that promises to make your life easy but uproot you from reality to a virtual world where social media rules the roost.

While one strives to make technology work for them to manage their schedule, it calls for detailed attention to areas that haven’t been explored. Despite numerous apps that promise to better your schedule, you will need a tailored fit to answer your needs. In essence, managing a schedule smartly throws in profitable dividends along the way where happiness, peace of mind and productivity rolls in easy.

Using tech to manage your schedule can be a bit overwhelming at times. Here are five ways to help you get started.

1. Share and collaborate

Sharing is good, and it doesn’t only apply to food but also at the workplace when you can do the same with your colleagues to help impact productivity. Apps that focus on calendar management lift off a lot of weight from your daily schedule by incorporating easy to read formats for day-to-day activity and appealingly present them.

The question is, how do you identify useful calendar management apps?

Simple! One that keeps not only track of things that you will be doing but also others who work with you. In essence, any dynamic schedule management app that allows its users to share individual schedules facilitates correspondence.

Further, it also helps figure out slots that might be empty for a person in a day, which can be utilised for breaks or completing other significant tasks to stay ahead.

2. Access and analyse time

Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to ask yourself, “How did I manage to lose my time this fast?” Well, let me assure you, we have all been there. According to Basex Research (2009), an employee on average spends 28% of his daily time juggling interruptions that are otherwise unwanted and his recovery time to get back to work mode. Time is perhaps the only single entity that allows you to measure and improve accordingly.

To do so, it’s necessary to understand one’s work clock.

  • How much time gets wasted during your work time?
  • How often do you get distracted?
  • Which hours of the day are you the most productive?
  • How significant is your contribution to the company?

These are interesting questions that can be answered by investing in a time tracking tool. Not only does it makes an employee make the most of his time during peak working hours but also grow efficient consistently.

For instance, you are figuring out the best time to send emails when you receive a positive reply from a client wanting to close a deal following a mail that you might have dropped late evening.

3. Even digital workspaces demand a bit of decluttering

Undoubtedly, a decluttered environment positively impacts productivity and also usher in peace of mind, no matter you are at work or home. While chaos and disturbance significantly reduce one’s tenacity to perform, a de-organised workspace, digital or not, can also contribute to doing the same.

Think about it. When was the last time you put your digital workspace together and in order? If you do not recall anything, it’s perhaps high time to consider using smart manager and smart browsers for a change.

4. Staying organised does make a difference

The significance of being organised can’t possibly be over-emphasised for any business, small or large. With task management software in place, the story does take a solemn turn.

How many times have you come across a situation where a project got delayed due to a specific document that went missing? Or how about when your faithful laptop turned on you and crashed all your essential files just ahead of a client meeting?

With close to 79% of the workload for companies being stored in the cloud, it does make sense to have all your assets in sync to gain leverage in the long run. Alternately, such a move gives room to boost collaboration and productivity across team members at large.

5. Automations that run small scale

When it comes to managing your schedule using tech, it not only means cleaning up your time for productivity. It also refers to how one can bulk up on much smaller moments and turn them towards profitability. The tiny little tasks that one does every day is perhaps the most time taking of all-Checking emails, saving work files, printing and more.

Now, such actions, no matter how little, can’t be avoided. Hence, the only way to get them off your schedule is to automate the process — office automation tools functions to handle repetitive tasks which, although mindless, get essential jobs done right.

Working smarter, not harder

Technology is a valuable asset, and when used in the right direction, it can make things work in your favour. With a slew of productivity apps, one is destined to make a difference to his schedule without having to try too hard.

Do you use technology to help schedule your daily stuff? Which are your favourite tools? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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