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12 Trends UX Designers Should Know For 2021

trends for ux designers in 2021

Wondering how to stand out in a digital age among 1.86 billion active websites? Well, the contest for the attention of users has reached an all-time high. Each pixel sums and milliseconds determine whether you attract or repel web and mobile users.

The research portrays that design is the crucial factor in creating great first impressions on websites. The factors that impact visitor engagement with digital products should be visually attractive and easy to use. So, Web Designers' work is significant to ace online appearance for attaining users' goals.

For designing mobile applications and websites, the user interface should always come first. The prime reason for this is the billions of people who rely on their mobile phones to find everything, from food to tickets to cab rides and many more.

Numerous web development companies are devoting their efforts to incorporating new developments into their design process to make platforms smoother to use. It is important to gain updated knowledge as the world changes swiftly to meet user expectations.

So, to attract attention to your work, you must be able to give something exceptional. It will distinguish your website and keep people engaged in every way. Undoubtedly, it's tough to win the competition game in modern technology.

Not to fret! This article sheds light on the UX design trends for 2021 that brands can embrace.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism is the fastest-growing UI trend. It imparts users with a professional and precise impression from the simple UI design. No one can deny the fruitful benefits of minimalism that aren't limited to aesthetics.

A minimalist interface loads quickly, use fewer resources and takes less time. The design adapts to various screen sizes with ease.

2. Blurred with colourful background

The application of gradients in various designs is a forever classy UI trend. The designs with blurred backgrounds are very organic, pleasant, and appealing. Gradients are turning lighter and becoming more sophisticated.

During past decades, designers favoured approximately 2-3 colours in linear gradients. With the addition of an overlay, the number of colours now extended to a maximum of ten.

3. Unique 2D illustrations

The user interface always has illustrations at the pinnacle. Web designers strive for minimalism when it comes to illustrations. Online pages become less crowded and more user-friendly as a result.

Designers can also play with different perspectives, dimensions, and narratives. Vibrant or muted pastel hues are employed in this. The pictures become more detailed as time goes on, leaving an unforgettable impression.

4. Pastel colours

Designers commonly employ pastel colours in their job. In this way, they emphasize the design's lightness and simplicity. These colours work well with a pool of ideas. Designers produce the appropriate mood of the story for various websites, including e-commerce platforms and SaaS services.

The designer can blend beautiful colours which seem harmonious rather than disharmonious. When designing something, it's important to keep colour palettes in mind, but it's also fun to try out fresh colours. Several flowers, birds, and animals have vibrant and lovely colours that we may use to make our design more organic and pleasant.

5. Glassmorphism

Have you heard of the latest craze, glassmorphism? Well, it's the unique UI trend built on a backdrop blur effect. The translucent frosted glass look characterizes this design style. Glassmorphism adds a visual hierarchy and dimension to UI.

It draws attention to the emphasized content. Apple, Microsoft, and several other prototype design companies in the United States have already embraced this trendy design.

6. Complex typography

People on the internet scan more rather than read. They counted on information that connected with them. As a result, font experiments have become one of the most notable UI design trends. Today's web designers make extensive use of creative typography. They aim to make the most crucial information stand out and communicate it to customers.

Good typography will help you create a strong visual design, gain user trust, and strengthen your branding. It's why renowned fonts like Myriad Bold and Didot are instantly associated with LinkedIn and Vogue, respectively. It could be the difference between someone sticking on your website for two minutes or two hours if you use good, strong typefaces that aesthetically engage and reflect your brand image.

7. Icons

The usage of icons as a visual communication tool benefits users. A key UX trend is the usage of basic, minimalistic iconography. It all ultimately comes down to their ability to express an idea in a fraction of the time that words take.

As a result, many businesses value icons highly. For example, in 2020, Apple and Sketch redesigned all their system icons in line with the current user experience trends.

8. Onboarding

Onboarding is a preface to a product that allows you to learn more about it. It also lets its basic functions coherent. Whatever the case may be, onboarding has emerged as a significant UX trend that should never overlook.

Modern onboarding includes the most important screens of mobile applications. Users gain a better knowledge of the app's capabilities due to them. Use stunning, high-resolution graphics and photos. You must describe the value of your product and incorporate every essential to get engaging content.

9. Immersive 3D visuals

As one of the hottest UI design ideas, 3D graphics are spiralling to the summit of creative discoveries. Combining various 3D images into mobile and online platforms requires specific abilities as well as a creative vision.

For example, When dining out, every aspect counts: not only the cuisine, but also the presentation, service, decor, music, and plenty of other factors all contribute to the overall experience. Why should a restaurant app be any different? Even basic app pages like sign-up will appear appetizing and capture customers from the first moments of interaction due to catchy and attractive 3D graphics.

10. Dark Mode

It's not new to use dark colour schemes in UI/UX design. The dark mode is among the most well-liked designs. Leading brands like Instagram, Apple, and others provided an alternative to the light mode for their productions. It was, however, something that had been around previously. However, as the big companies picked it up, it became even more coveted.

Design experts say dark mode UI works well in the correct context, environment, application, and use. Using dark mode is a smart choice overall.

11. VUI and voice search

The best UX trend, according to some, is the voice user interface (VUI) or voice search. In recent years, it has experienced significant use and advances in workplace productivity, home automation, and eCommerce.

People use voice commands daily, necessitating continued research and improvement of the VUI user experience. VUI will become increasingly significant as a manner of connecting with technology.

12. Microinteractions

Microinteractions strengthen interactions, keep users interested, and provide feedback and cues, contributing to a better user experience. Interactive toggle switches, progress bar animations, and data input interactions are examples of GUI micro-interactions that power interfaces. You can now animate almost anything due to modern technologies.


Lastly, putting ideas creatively is all that matters. Upcoming generations always hunt for novel experiences, so keeping your website stuff updated is important. Talented designers think beyond, break boundaries, and leverage innovation to create enthralling user experiences that lead to increased brand awareness and a strong bottom line.

Remember not to stifle your creativity at all. You can always opt to go above and beyond and start something new. Try to choose and blend numerous UX trends to create a unique and interesting user interface. However, be wary not to exaggerate anything!

About the author

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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