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5 Tips to Host the Perfect Corporate BBQ Event

Corporate cook out ideas

There’s no reason that your next corporate event has to be so, well, corporate. Hosting a braai is an excellent way to bring employees together in a relaxed setting without the stress and anxiety of life in the office.

  • No deadlines.
  • Comfortable dress in jeans and takkies.
  • Time to talk about something other than work.

Of course, you want everything to be perfect so that everyone can enjoy themselves. Here are several things you can do to make it just right.

1. Plan something for everyone

If families are invited, make sure to include activities that all age groups can enjoy in addition to the BBQ. Think things like bouncy castles for the kids or live entertainment to set a festive mood. Consider hiring a DJ to keep things rolling along on a positive note.

We suggest that you start planning as soon as you’ve set a date. Summers are typically busy times for families with holidays and other obligations. Not everyone attends an event to play games or kick the football. Have a variety of activities to suit everyone’s tastes.

2. Include the entire staff

It’s one thing for coworkers in an office to know each well. It’s another thing entirely for your remote staff. A corporate BBQ event is an ideal way to get everyone together, instead of just meeting virtually. While it’s an excellent use of tech, video conferencing has its limitations. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting.

Send out your invites early to build the anticipation.

Encourage everyone to RSVP with the number of guests so that you can manage your other tasks, such as the following one.

3. Plan your menu and service well

The best part of a braai is, of course, the food. An excellent place to start is to get your equipment in order, such as the grill, charcoal or smoke pellets, wood, firelighters as well as kitchen utensils and cutlery.

We’d also suggest checking with your staff about any special diet needs. Nothing feels much worse than feeling excluded from an event because you can’t enjoy the food with everyone else. After all, the object of the BBQ event is…

To bring everyone together.

Be sure to have some vegetarian selections as well as nonalcoholic drinks for the designated drivers. If possible, set up a separate BBQ station to prepare menu items for those with food intolerances or allergies to avoid cross-contamination.

Other tasks include:

  • Setting a budget
  • Choose a venue
  • Hire a catering service
  • Generate interest with social media

4. Give the event a theme

It can feel overwhelming to plan an event. You have to consider the menu, entertainment, and any decorations. An excellent place to start is with a theme that will tie everything together and help you with other choices. For example, a tropical theme brings a lighthearted feeling to the occasion. Add some lively music and the appropriate cuisine, and you have the makings of a good time for all.

If your event is a launch for a new campaign or sales contest, you can tie the theme with the corporate message to make it more memorable and fun.

It’s also a powerful way to motivate your employees.

5. Don’t forget the follow-up

Planning an event is a lot of work. Make the next time easier by asking for feedback about the BBQ. Ask what everyone liked or didn’t like about it so that you can allocate your resources—and budget—to the aspects that had the attendees saying it was a lekker day.

An anonymous survey is an effective way to get candid feedback. Therein lies its value to your planning.

You’ll likely find that it is provisional. As your company grows and evolves, so too will the nature of the events that you host. A corporation, after all, is a living, breathing thing.

Final thoughts

Corporate events like a BBQ are an excellent way to treat your staff for a job well done. The key is proper planning. A theme will help you focus and streamline the process from venue to menu. The best ones continue to evolve with the culture and changing goals of businesses.

However, the most important takeaway message is…The event is for the attendees.

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