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4 Ways To Handle Depression After 2020

25 January 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Alice Sava in Mind, Body & Soul

Combat depressed feelings after 2020

It sounds like we are doomed, but that's your depression speaking! This year was very fruitful for bad news and full of desperation, fear and disappointment, though there always are people and situations that can make you happy and shine positivity. The values shifted, what was secondary yielded the floor to the primary things, that are basically love, internal peace, and mental health. May seem easy to gain though they're not.

In 2013 The World Health Assembly started a plan of action in the field of mental health for the period 2013-2020. The Plan reflects the decisiveness of all the states-members of WHO to help strengthen mental health, as one of the global development goals.

Remember this abused meme "Keep calm and…" insert what's missing.

In 2020, keeping calm was the hardest thing to do, but to preserve this ability, that is core to so many processes in our bodies and lives may we share with you some tips.

4 Ways to Help Your Mental Health

There are four essential and very effective ways to recover your mental health and maintain positive whatever happens.

1. Taking up a sport

Thre is no secret that sports make a difference for our well-being and affects almost every part of our everyday life:

  • Impacts physical health by strengthening the cardio-vascular system, balance the body weight, fortifies muscles and bones;
  • Helps maintain a certain pace and rhythm of life, not permitting destructive thoughts and emotions enter the mind
  • Influences the emotional state.
  • It is scientifically proved that through physical exercises, one can equilibrate the emotional state as well.

For example, yoga exercises provoke cortisol production, which results in more tolerance to stress.

2. Starting to eat healthily

We are what we eat. Though, it's worth adding that we actually act and feel what we eat. Certain products can supply energy and boost productivity; at the same time, the others make us feel depressed and low. The scientists at Rush University in the U.S. discovered a close relationship between diet and depression. The Investigation engaged 67 people who suffered depression, who were divided into two groups:

The first one followed a healthy Mediterranean-style diet rich in fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, lean meats, and nuts, while The second received US-recognized social support for people with depression (no specific diet reported).

After three months, the result was astonishing: in the first group, one-third of patients performed remission of depression, compared to only 8% in the second one. This study, as well as many others, show the importance of a balanced diet.

3. Using herbal remedies

Yet one of the most spread and praised way to fight depression is a medical one. Conventional medicines cease the way to herbal and combined treatments. There is a list of herbs and extracts that have recently undergone research and claim to give positive effect in the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression: chamomile, ginseng, St.John wort and medical cannabis.

The least may have surprised you, though the ongoing studies at the University of Buffalo aim at analyzing specifically brain chemicals called endocannabinoids.

They are responsible for cognition, emotions and behaviour in the brain. Cannabis turned out to have a similar composition. As the study is not completed while resorting to this treatment or any other alternative medicines, it is highly recommended consulting your doctor or specialist in the field. As with the purpose of improving one's state, an excessive amount of medical cannabis may give severe side effects and cause addiction.

4. Get yourself a pet

Emotional support animals have recently become a widespread panacea for many emotional disorders and psychologically turbulent states. Being a new method of fighting depression, it rapidly gained many followers. Often people underestimate the effect their pet and time spent with it has on their mental health.

There is a separate type of emotional support animals known as a psychiatric service dog that helps relieve anxiety and depression. And it works. This article describes precisely the benefits of getting a companion and a treatment all in one. It doesn't always have to be a dog, though. Cats, rabbits, dolphins or horses: grab who suits you most and pet it.

Don't become a doomer

However tense was this period for you the takeaways are always positive: the solution is right behind the corner. Be attentive to yourself, don't make your body and emotions rebel against your lifestyle; choose the most appropriate way to alleviate stress and refill your energy.

There is always something simple that makes you happy. Return to yourself, find what's missing and believe our words depression won't get back to you. Just like 2020 never will. Good to know, isn't it?

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