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How Much Traffic Your Site Needs To Make R1000 A Day With AdSense In South Africa

12 February 2019 | 8 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Google AdSense Earnings South Africa

The internet seen as the gateway to unlimited opportunities and new ways of earning an income. Every day millions of businesses across the globe spend billions of dollars on the internet, and that type of spending shows no signs of slowing down it's only going to continue to grow. The internet income pie is a large one, and everyone should be looking to carve out their slice. One way of doing this and generating a sort of compound passive income is through selling ads on your site. 

Selling ad spots on your site used to be a complete pain and not worth the effort it was a full-time job just setting them up and keeping them going. Then Google AdSense came around and made the monetisation of a website a comfortable and carefree process. 

There are thousands of blogs in South Africa not being monetised and if you're one of them you're probably wondering how much traffic do I need to earn a living? Could my blogging bring in a reasonable side income? Well, today you're in luck because we aim to answer these questions and a lot more so we can help South African bloggers earn from their blogging efforts.

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How Do I sign up for Adsense in South Africa?

  • Visit the AdSense Website
  • Click sign up
  • Submit your site
  • Install your ad banners in the relevant positions
  • If your website meets Googles guidelines all you will need to do is wait for verification and confirmation from Google
You only need a few visits per day to be able to activate impressions on your site and you should be approved. If you're pulling in around 1000 visitors+ per month you should receive an approved AdSense account in South Africa.

How Do I get paid with AdSense In South Africa?

Once you've signed up for AdSense and your account is approved, you will then need to log in to the system and add your South African banking details. Google Ireland is responsible for payments in South Africa, and you should receive a payment notification five days before the end of the month that your money on its way. Google AdSense will only pay out if you've reached the South African minimum earning of R1000 per month.

How much traffic do you need to earn R1000 a day with AdSense?

  • The average CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) for South Africa is R35
  • The average CPC (cost per click) in South Africa is R9 
  • The average CTR (click-through rate on CPM) in on AdSense ads in South Africa is 0.62%

Now with only these three magic numbers, watch how I work out how much traffic you need to generate R1000 per day with Google AdSense on your site in South Africa.

Let's take an average blog post template with 4 ad slots on it for both mobile and desktop.

  1. 1000 impressions will give you R35
  2. 1612 impressions will provide an additional you R15 when factoring the average click-through rate

If we divide R1000/35 it gives us 28. That means In order to make R1000 a day, you will need 28 0000 impressions

If we divide the 28 000 by 4 that gives us 7000 visitors. 

So if we did not get a single click through on our ads, we would have still made R1000 for the day from our 7000 visitors viewing our ads.

Now let's add our CPC earnings. Let's divide 28 000 by 1612, and we get 17 clicks. 17 clicks x R15 is R255 

We're now up to R1255 per day which isn't too shabby but how much will we need to get that R1000 mark per month right? That's the magic mark.

So if we can assume that 7000 visits will give us R1225 then if we divide 7000 by 1225 and multiply by 1000, we should get the magic number which is 5714 visitors per day.

5714 visitors per day could net you a handsome R1000 per day on your AdSense account.

Disclaimer: These numbers are only estimates and averages will not reflect the actual earnings. Websites earnings are affected by a number of factors like content type, number of ad slots, length of content, time on page and more.

How can I Improve my AdSense earnings in South Africa?

While we may be working with averages your blog doesn't need to be anything average and there are a host of ways you can improve your ad earnings on your site.

Use DFP to add competing networks

Instead of running AdSense directly on your site you can use a free platform like Google Ad Manager (formally known as DFP) which will allow you to add multiple ad networks and have them all compete for the same spots on your site with only the highest paying ad being displayed.

Sell direct advertising space

Another option for you once you've installed Google Ad Manager is the ability to sell direct space on your site. You can approach brands and companies you think would love to speak to your traffic and sell the space to them at your preferred price.

Improve your traffic

It goes without saying, the more traffic you get, the more you're going to earn. Look at leveraging SEO and social media to try and continuously drive free traffic to your site.

Improve your international reach

If the local audience isn't pulling in enough views, perhaps its time to expand your content efforts internationally and try to improve your reach in various countries by writing localised content or language specific content.

Does it make Sense or cents?

Earning from your blogging will be a long road filled with failures but if your passionate about your content, methodical in your approach and committed to consistently creating content you will be surprised at the amount of traffic you can get and the opportunities that may come your way. As with many things in life, the same rules apply to your blog the earlier you get into your internet venture, the sooner you're going to see dividends.

Do you monetise your blog? How has it worked out for you? Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share? Leave it in the comments section below

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