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Export Google Data Studio Reports to PDF in 2 minutes

Export Google Data Studio Reports to PDF in 2 minutes

In 2017 Google launched Data Studio, a free reporting system which helps you create dynamic and interactive reports in minutes. This literally was a dream come true for all digital practitioners who relied heavily on performance stats and have the tedious tasks of generating manual reports for clients each month.

Data Studio Help Digital Practitioners Cut Down on reporting time

Google Data Studios has the ability to connect to a number of Google Products, such as Google Analytics and Search Console, as well as third-party digital tools such as MailChimp and Search Metrics. Connecting these applications allows you to directly create charts and tables showcasing the data from these tools in a more visually appealing manner.

Not only is this easier for clients to understand, but reports look much more professional, and you don't have to spend hours exporting data from various tools, collating them and then manually creating charts and tables. In fact, with the use of Data Studios, you can now create dynamic and interactive reports in minutes.

The need to export data studio reports to PDF

While this reporting interface is meant to be cloud-based and interactive, a number of digital practitioners were querying how to export these reports to pdf format. As always, people need to deal with change in phases and while we think its a great idea there is always someone in the reporting line that is far to busy to take the time to interact with a new tool and would prefer the report in a more familiar format.

How to quickly export your entire data studio report to PDF at once

Most users figured out that a simple print to PDF from fir web browser would allow you to save reports, however, this limits you to download one page at a time and you would later have to combine these pages to create a full report. This again is tedious if you have a number of pages in your reports.

Install Google Data Studio PDF Export by Mito Studio

Mito studios have developed this awesome chrome extension that:

  1. Enables PDF exporting in Google Data Studio
  2. Supports multi-page exporting
  3. And is absolutely free!

Get Started

  1. Install Google Data Studio PDF Export for chrome here
  2. Refresh your data studio browser window. and you will now see the following:


  1. Click the Extention icon and select clear cache
  2. Click "Export to PDF"
  3. Then Save!

And just like that, you will have your full report exported to pdf in minutes.

Tips For Using the Extension

The extension works great but I noticed sometimes images are may seem broken in the pdf version or blank pages are added to the report. Here are quick tips to resolve these issues:

Resolving Broken Images

Simply hard refresh your browser by selecting "Ctrl + F5" on your keyboard and then retry export.

Resolving Blank Pages Appearing in Reports

While in Print Mode, before you save, identify the page numbers of the blank pages. In Your print options, under pages, add the page number you wish to export to pdf. 


Contact us

If you have any questions or would like to know more about exporting your Data Studio Reports, comment below or feel free to contact us here!

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