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The Best Spring Activities for Seniors and Kids

13 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jane Evans in Parental Guidance

Spring activities with your grand kids

As a caring grandparent, you know how crucial early childhood education is for personal development. However, as a person with priceless life experience, you also know that time spent playing and exploring outside the classroom is an integral part of every childhood. When the time comes for your grandkids to enjoy their spring break, be prepared to help them use this time in the best possible way.

Here are a few ideas that can help you bond and have a lot of fun along the way.

Teach new skills in engaging, unobtrusive ways

Although the spring break is an excellent opportunity to have fun just for the sake of it, it’s never a bad idea to “trick” your grandkids into learning new things by presenting them in a different light.

Depending on your grandkids’ interests, you can paint, learn how to knit, build birdhouses and small models, or practice storytelling and creative thinking on the go:

Let one person begin a story, and then others continue it, one by one until you reach a satisfying ending.

These projects are great for a rainy day or if you can’t keep up with your grandkids’ pace when it comes to physical activity.

Turn chores into bonding activities

Let’s face it: Spring break will last more than just a couple of hours, so no matter how creative you get with your grandkids, you’ll still need to get some work done while they are visiting. Luckily, this is an excellent opportunity to involve them and use their help while bonding at the same time.

Whether you need to wash your car, make a meal, paint a fence, or clear up some clutter, invite them to give you a hand. After they’ve helped you, let them pick the activity they’d prefer to spend time on next.

Have fun daydreaming and just being silly

One of the great things about being a grandmother or a grandfather is that you get to goof around once again, so let your grandchildren see your outgoing, carefree side as well.

Gaze into the stars, catch fireflies in a jar (but keep them safe and release them afterwards), interview each other, watch a movie together, and let the kids stay up just a bit longer than their parents would allow. It’s a spring break, so make the most of it and create some long-lasting memories together.

Let your grandkids be the teachers

The world we live in is changing at such a quick pace; it’s easy to lose track of new things that come and go every day. If you want to learn more about what kids do and love these days, which can be a better teacher than a grandchild with some time to spare?

Ask them about their favourite movies, games, and pop culture icons. Take time to learn why they love what they do. They’ll be happy to talk about the things they care about, and you might learn something or two in the process.

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