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7 Ways To Choose The Best Car Roof Rack

30 March 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Petrol heads

Picking the ideal roof rack

You'd never wish to stay at home until you grow older and experience a fruitful life, do you? This thought may keep you motivated while you plan on your most-awaited trip and also invite you to travel amidst different countries to explore their landscapes.

Maybe going to woods or a national park with your family is not a bad idea either. Also, people go for mountain hikes, forest trails, and sea sailings. You might need to carry a lot of essentials while you are on an excursion.

You might need a roof-top tent for your campings. You might get excited to explore the steep mountains on your bike, but for that, you need to carry one! You might wish to sail the waters on a kayak or the boat. Your roof rack can carry all these bulky essentials for you on your excursions, but with a condition of it being the best.

This article is more like a guide for you to find out the seven best ways to choose the best car roof rack. Read it and find out how to get the most suitable one!

1. Choose according to your use

The ideal way to choose the best roof rack for your car is to know your requirements. If you need maximum security of your commodities, then go for cargo boxes. In case you want safety with a bit of flexibility, you can go with the cargo bags. You can select bike roof racks to carry your bikes or bicycle. Canoe and Kayak racks are specially made to carry boats.

2. Prioritize the one having a diverse accessory line-up

Anything that has a multi-utility is the best. If you honestly want the roof rack to be the best of its kind, you need to make the most of its multiple features. A roof rack that can be beneficial in many ways can create a scope for many sporting adventures.

Imagine a roof rack that can accommodate your roof-top tents, skis, axes, canoes, kayaks, surfboards, boats, rafts, water cans, fuel cans, bikes, and anything else you want to carry along. Remember - while selecting a roof rack, you should opt for the one that matches your utility.

3. Select your roof rack that syncs with the crossbars

Since you know what you will be loading on your roof rack, it's time for you to sync the roof rack with the side crossbars. You can select a roof rack based on what you are going to load on it.

Similarly, you should know that the roof rack must be such that it allows the crossbars to cover and lock the entire roof space. Most of them would be adjustable.

However, if you want an option, you can buy the one that tightens quickly. Try to lock your roof rack with the crossbars while you are parked or have taken a halt.

4. Strength and endurance are essential

With the increasing count of competitors in almost every field, you will be available with plenty of options for roof racks. However, very few of the roof racks are reliable and durable.

Whether you are going on a short trip or a long excursion, make sure to select a roof rack from the manufacturers that master in building the gear. The enduring roof rack is key to your enticing trip experience!

5. Be aware of the prevailing roof rack system of your car

Most of the cars come up with a pre-existing roof rack set-up. For a better selection to add-on to your roof rack, you must know the details of the prevailing one. Understand whether the side roof rails have been placed horizontally or vertically.

Also, acknowledge whether the side crossbars have been installed or not. Usually, side rails are factory built-in. Certain crossbars are attached to the rails by default. You should check these parameters before purchasing the best roof rack.

6. Verify the weight-bearing capacity of the rack

Every roof rack comes with an individual weight lifting capacity. The roof rack's capacity directly impacts the speed of your car. You can check the carrying capacity of the roof rack from its installation manual or by looking up online.

A heavier roof rack will not ease you with loading your essentials well. However, if you select an enduring roof rack, it can help you with packing the heaviest stuff on it!

7. Know how much you can spend on the roof-rack

Above everything, you should be crystal clear about how much is your willingness for spending on the purchase of a roof rack. When it comes to justifying the budget, things become a little challenging. You might be aware of roof rack use at the first go.

Nevertheless, you should not avoid the cost that you will incur in purchasing one roof rack. The point is, don't compromise on the quality by bringing a cheap roof rack in the house, but buy a reasonable deal. Sync your usage with your money!


At times, selecting the best roof rack for your car may sound easy, but may prove tricky. With this guide, you do not need to worry. Ensure that you check all the fundamentals of the roof rack before the final purchase. Knowing what to carry, how much to carry, and how much application space your car can give to your roof rack, can make the selection process more manageable and effective.

Learn the installation process or invite an engineer for a demo installation session from the company. Remember - never let your roof rack settle lightly for your safe future!

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