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8 Tips to Make Your Car Safer in 2021

02 March 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana Smith in Petrol heads

Car safety tips

When thinking about their vehicles, people like to speak in very broad terms. So much so that we tend to assign different brands and car models with quirks and properties that are not always based on real life. German cars are the most durable, Italians excel in design, hybrids pack poor specs, and Tesla will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

In reality, though, every car makes nothing more than the sum of its parts, and its behaviour and endurance will depend only on the effort and money we are willing to put into it.

Let us look at some of the best ways that will turn even the biggest slogs into speeding bullets and make our trips from point A to point B as safe, reliable and comfortable as it gets.

1. Get yourself a set of better tires

We decided to start this list with tires because they are, after all, what gets your car in contact with the ground and lends it good tactility – there is a lot of room for improvement to be made here. All you need to find the type that will help you meet your overall goals.

For instance:

  • Touring tires– High-speed rating, more responsive handling, and comfortable driving
  • Performance tires – This type packs silica enriched treads which provide excellent grip in wet weather conditions but can impact handling in dry areas.
  • Summer tires – Designed for the hot asphalt, these tires offer excellent grip and even better handling but only on dry summer roads.
  • All-terrain – This type packs a very aggressive tread pattern which allows frequent off-road excursions while producing small but noticeable on-road discomfort (handling, noise, etc.)

2. Ramp up the safety features

Over the last couple of years, vehicle safety gadgets made leaps and bounds both in functionality and pricing. These days, the upgrades like reverse cameras, lane departure warnings, blind-spot warning systems, car diagnostics, and driving analytics are well within reach of an average consumer.

Which upgrades should you prioritize? In short – the ones that complement your car the best. For example, if you face poor rearview visibility, the rear camera should be your number one. But, the more you get, the better.

3. Upgrade the exhaust systems

This is one of the best examples of just how the safety and performance of one vehicle are mutually dependent. During combustion, one car engine produces gases that need to be disposed of to keep working. If the exhaust system is not efficient enough, these gases can build up and even threaten the passengers' safety within the cabin.

So, modding your car with a new muffled axle-back exhaust system won't only make it faster and less noisy – you will also increase the safety and comfort of everyone inside.

4. Replace all the worn-out components

In the grand scheme of car mechanics, no components are irrelevant. Small systems impact the bigger ones, and tiny fractures can easily slip into major malfunctions. Because of that, you should get your car to a mechanic, identify all the weak spots and replace them as soon as possible.

Fortunately, enough the current market is stacked with quality aftermarket components, so even if you own some novel Asian car model, you will, for instance, be able to find quality Toyota parts without having to spend a small fortune.

5. Consider doing engine remapping

Most modern vehicles feature engines with a built-in ECU (Engine Control Unit). The main task of this electronic component is to monitor some key performance parameters like engine coolant temp, throttle position, the mass of airflow, and CAM shaft position.

Simultaneously, ECU has direct control over the internal air-fuel ratio, idle speed, and overall valve timing. Tweaking these settings can get more power out of the unit, improve fuel economy and make the engine more responsive. However, the help of a professional mechanic is highly advised.

6. Make sure the brakes are in the pristine shape

Being able to bring your vehicle to an instant halt can make the difference between life and death. So, consider putting some money into this essential car system. Ideally, we would suggest an ABS upgrade, but this process is far too expensive, so ditch this thought.

What you should do instead is to replace the stock pads with ceramic brake pads, which do a much better job and slowing down the momentum and temperature management. Smart brake assistance, pedestrian notification, and similar gadgets can only make this story better.

7. Install adaptive suspension dampers

Regarding the influence on the overall car performance and security, the suspension system is probably right behind or even toe-to-toe with tires. However, if the springs helping the car to traverse rough terrain are too loose, the vehicle will bounce up, turning the driver's life into a nightmare.

The job of adaptive dampers (aka shock absorbers) is to prevent this excessive jolting while still allowing drivers to play with the settings and select the preferred driving mode (e.g., stiffer sporty feel or a looser setting for more comfortable cruising).

8. Work on the interior comfort

Of course, even the best-tuned vehicle in the world will only be as safe on the road as the person behind the wheel. Therefore, it would be a good idea to ramp up the interior comfort and turn driving into something you will enjoy. Here are a couple of upgrades that will turn the cabin into your happy place:

  • Clean the air filter
  • Add lumbar support to keep your back comfortable long-run.
  • Use cushioned seat belt covers.
  • Throw in padded seat covers
  • Wrap the wheel into memory foam for better grip
  • Diffuse essential oils into the air

Travel safe and sound

And there you have it – eight easy ways to rejuvenate your vehicle and improve its overall speed and power but also comfort and traffic safety.

As we have previously mentioned, people have gotten so used to the factory specs that we have developed entire narratives around different brands and car models.

But, you should be aware that all these numbers are nothing more than a simple blueprint. The true potential of your ride is limited only by your will and imagination. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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