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eBay Account Suspended? Learn Why And Get It Back

12 October 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Rossana Yoder in Shopaholics

How to get back a suspended eBay account

Suspended eBay accounts are pretty widespread and not new, but many people still get terrified when they get a message telling them that their account was suspended. If you became a suspended seller, don’t fear just yet and read on to learn why your account was suspended and how you can get it back.

Why Is My eBay Account Suspended?

There are several reasons why either your eBay account is suspended or your ability to sell is restricted. Here are some things that might have been the reason for your eBay account being suspended:


The most fundamental concept behind eBay is that you promise to deliver the item you are selling once a person purchases it. Consequently, if you fail to deliver your items regularly, your account might get suspended. It is one of the most common reasons for eBay suspension, so try to send out your items within several hours after receiving the payment.


Another key element of your reputation is your transaction history. If you get a lot of negative feedback from people complaining about late deliveries, your reputation will get severely damaged (which can lead to a suspended account). Constant refund or exchange requests can also lead to it. Proper communication is also necessary, so make sure to tell your customers about their tracking numbers.


Transactions with your customers are one thing, but payments to eBay itself are a completely different story. You need to pay your bills to the platform, the fees it collects for its services, so if you don’t do it promptly, you might end up being suspended.

Contact information

The reason why eBay is so popular and so successful is that it makes its users do everything through its platform rather than elsewhere. This is why sharing contact information is strongly prohibited. You can only communicate through the eBay messaging system, but if you attempt to send your phone number, email, address, etc., your account can instantly be suspended.

Other platforms

Once again, any business outside of eBay is strongly prohibited and will get your account suspended. eBay makes money from every sale you make through it, so if you or your customer offers to complete the sale with the help of another platform, eBay will detect it and suspend you.


Committing a crime or listing banned items will also get your eBay suspended. Don’t ever try to steal someone’s intellectual property, use their photographs or descriptions, or sell knock-offs of popular brands. Any of these will instantly lead to suspension. You are also not allowed to sell certain banned items or say particular things (hate speech and harassment are frowned upon).


eBay is smart in that it remembers the types of products you are selling. If you suddenly list an item in large volumes that is not common to you, it might raise some eyebrows. eBay might assume that your account has been compromised, which is why it will suspend or restrict it.


Your statistics, such as your transaction defect rate and case resolve rate in the resolution centre, can be the factors that will ultimately lead to account suspension. Keep your transaction defect rate low and your case resolve rate high for a good reputation. Always try to improve your metrics.

Keep in mind that eBay will often issue warning messages for even small violations of its rules, so your account usually won’t get suspended spontaneously. Watch out for these messages and follow the instructions to change your mistakes.

What do I do if my eBay is suspended?

If you got your account suspended, don’t panic. This can happen to everyone, so it is important to stay calm and follow the usual procedure to get your account back. Just try to stay rational during the process.

If you want to get some additional information on your particular region and this information is not in English, use a translation service like online paper writing service reviews to help you with such research.

It will give you a clearer picture of what kind of situation you are in at the time.

But how do you know that your account was suspended?

After all the messages and warning alerts that the platform will send you, it will finally get you suspended. You will get a final message telling you that your account has been suspended.

There are different periods for which your account can be suspended. It can be a week, ten days, or a month. It can also be an indefinite suspension which usually comes with a total loss of privileges (perhaps the worst kind of account suspension).

Once the suspension is over, your privileges will be restored, and you will be able to use your account again. When eBay notifies you about the suspension, it might also include recommendations on what you can do to deal with the issue.

eBay suspended: possible solutions

So, what can be done to get your eBay account back on track? There are different ways you can address this problem, so here are the most effective ones that you could try out:

Have the right attitude

Once again, keeping it cool is the best thing you can do. Make sure you understand the reasons for the suspension because that will help you make eBay lift it. You might also have to deal with customer support representatives, and being polite with them is essential.

Verify that it is happening

Scammers love emailing users of different platforms and claiming that their accounts were suspended. Such situations have happened to eBay users too. This is why it is so important to double-check and be sure that your account was suspended and it is not a scammer getting in touch with you.

Assemble documentation

More often than not, you will need to get certain documentation to defend yourself against the suspension and persuade eBay representatives that it must be lifted. This is why it is better to assemble such documents as soon as possible.

If you know that you are at fault, you should still get relevant documentation, but get prepared to ask for a second chance. For shipping issues, prepare a tracking number. For dropshipping or counterfeit items, get the files that are required of you.

Contact customer support

The next thing you need to do is contact eBay’s customer support department and ask about the suspension. You can do this by email or via a phone call, but it depends on your case and the method of communication that is more suitable for you.

Continue talking

After you start the conversation, all you need to do is continue the conversation. Do what is required of you and try to be as friendly as possible, because the human factor always has a role in the final decision.

Keep in mind that trying to avoid the suspension by creating a new account is not a good idea because you might be permanently suspended if eBay learns of it. Just don’t do it; it won’t get you anywhere.

Final thoughts

All in all, getting an eBay account suspended is not a new thing, but you shouldn’t worry because there are well-known solutions to it. Just follow the advice in this article, and you will be able to solve this problem easily.

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