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Tips for Using Antiques Effortlessly in Modern Spaces

17 September 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Allison Dretzin in Shopaholics

Tips for antiques in modern spaces

These suggestions on how to design with antiques in modern settings can add charm to your house. So, here's some good news: antiques and vintage objects are regaining popularity. More individuals are searching for methods to incorporate comfort and familiarity into their homes. Thus classic interiors are becoming more popular.

Antique furniture slowly makes its way into the spotlight as the traditional interior makes its way into the spotlight. However, not everyone knows how to design with antiques, mainly if your home is decorated in a modern manner.

So, some of us would either keep it to accumulate dust or sell it, but did you know that vintage or antique furniture can bring a lot of character to a room?

Antique furniture appeals to us since it is one-of-a-kind. It's something you won't find at any store these days. It also has a backstory to share. Antique furniture also complements any house design style. So, if you've decided it's time to get rid of your great-dresser finally, grandmothers, here are some suggestions for mixing and decorating with antiques in modern settings.

Combine antiques with reproductions to create a unique look.

Decorate actual antiques with replicas, which are furniture pieces that are designed to seem like antiques. It's aesthetically appealing since the two pieces provide a lovely contrast when placed side by side. Decor details such as pottery, a tray, and plants help to balance the appearance.

Combine antiques with modern design.

Pairing antiques with contemporary décor is an exciting way to decorate with antiques in modern spaces. Using Biedermeier furniture, for example, offers your home an eclectic style and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere rather than a traditional and usual look.

Make a proposition.

Antique furniture is a show-stopper that doesn't need to be paired with other items because it stands out on its own. Make sure it complements the other pieces in the room to create a balanced effect.

Antiques from various styles and eras are mixed.

Combining antiques from various styles and eras gives the space a more eclectic and personal feel. With this method, you may create a contemporary boho or modern eclectic decor in your home.

When the old meets the new.

When a piece of modern art is placed on top of antique furniture, it creates a timeless effect. It produces a visually appealing and well-balanced space.

Mixing old and new pieces to give your home a slight edge and make it seem fresh and well-proportioned is one of our decorating with antiques in contemporary spaces ideas.

Antiques can be repurposed.

If you have an antique piece of furniture that doesn't quite fit in with the rest of your home's decor, consider repurposing it rather than discarding it. You could refinish it and style it to match the rest of your home's decor. Antiques can be used as accent pieces.

Please keep it simple by complementing your antique furniture with other pieces of furniture in your homes, such as a coffee table or an entryway bench. Because it may still stand out from the rest of your decor, we recommend pairing it with the decor in a contrasting colour to balance the space.

With these tips, you can decorate with antiques in modern spaces and create a curated look in your home with many unique characters that will never go out of style.

Arrange your furnishings in a balanced manner.

A space with mid-century furniture on one side and modern items on the other will highlight the stylistic differences rather than bringing them together. Consider evenly dispersing furniture from different eras around the area if you're using it.

Instead of perceiving an overpowering disparity in styles, the eye will experience it as one unified aesthetic.

In an open-plan home, instead of curating your dining room with traditional pieces and filling your living area with contemporary furniture, mix them. Use a classic table with modern dining chairs in the dining room, and continue the theme in the living room with a vintage occasional chair or lamps. It's all about weaving a common thread and carrying the conversation from one location to the next.

Pay attention to how you feel.

Decide on the tone you want to create in each room of your house. Do you want your living space to feel relaxed and welcoming? If that's the case, stay away from putting formal and heavy furniture in the room. Instead, use primary lines and materials that are delicate, light, and timeless while blending periods.

Similarly, if you want to create a formal and beautiful space, mix and match sophisticated and rich in aesthetics. Darker woods brushed metals and opulent textiles such as velvet will assist in making the traditional atmosphere you seek.

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