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Tips To Create a Profitable eCommerce Landing Page

16 July 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Shaista Siddique in Shopaholics

Tips profitable eCommerce page

A well-designed product landing page is an essential tool for convincing people to buy from your online store; yet, many e-businesses do not know how to construct an eCommerce landing page that converts visitors into paying customers.

There are many factors that you need to focus on while creating an eCommerce store landing page. First and foremost, you need to keep a close eye on the most popular trends in the eCommerce sector.

May it be the technology behind the website, feature list, or payment integrations. If you want more sales, you need to put in a lot of effort. Here're some of the best tips to create a profitable eCommerce landing page that will land more leads than you can imagine.

How can you create eCommerce landing pages that convert well?

Let's dive into more details and learn how to create an eCommerce landing page that converts more customers into paying clients.

Detailed images for your products

Are you getting low conversions on your product pages? Using high-quality pictures for your top product landing pages is an excellent approach in this scenario. Customers should be able to observe every aspect of your items. TYME teaches us how to influence clients with visual material. The organization provides extensive information to online store guests by using high-quality close-ups of each item.

If an online store sells only one product, it should display all of the item's details to urge buyers to buy it and provide it with value. Visitors to an online store who are undecided about purchasing a product seek further information before making a final decision.

Using testimonials on landing pages

Building confidence in an online store is never easy. What can we learn from best practices for eCommerce landing pages? To begin with, the majority of them rely on consumer feedback to allow them to develop their business. Consider testimonials next. These are excellent for gaining the trust of customers. Also, don't overlook the data that can be found on social media.

Using feedback to improve landing pages is also a good idea. Still undecided? You will find some numbers in the data below that will persuade you that this method is effective.

It's crucial not to erase bad customer reviews when employing them. Potential customers want to see both the positive and bad aspects of a product.

Special offers for loyal clients

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of your landing pages? To do so, use a coupon or a discount code. We will reveal some specific pricing insights in this area.

Is this method genuinely effective? Yes, it does, as evidenced by the Corkscrew Wine Merchants case study. They offered a "15% discount" on the most prominent landing pages, which increased conversion by 148.3%.

Informing customers about promotional discounts in the title is another technique to attract potential customers. The company raised conversion by 4% in this scenario.

Lead your customers using call-to-action copy

Customers will understand the page aim easily if you place a replica of your CTS button on the page. The KlientBoost agency put three distinct call-to-action buttons to the test, each geared at a different audience. The CTA with the words LEARN MORE aimed at online shop visitors unfamiliar with the store and its products.

So, how did it turn out? The TRY FOR 30 DAYS button increased conversion by 18% compared to the Learn more CTA option in this scenario. By 2%, the button with the BUY NOW CTA was more effective.

Tag out-of-stock products

Customers are dissatisfied when they wish to buy a product that is out of stock.

What are your options for dealing with that?

First and foremost, your landing page (which includes product information) should notify visitors that the item is now out of stock. Simultaneously, if the product is well-known, it should be of top condition, enabling visitors to have confidence in it.

Use the Notify Me option as the second thing. Customers will receive a notification when the item is in stock again if they choose this option.

Furthermore, visitors to your online store will provide you with their email addresses, which you may utilize for subsequent commercial reasons. The zoom feature on the product page

By adding this feature, your potential clients can zoom in and out the images and decide prices.

Here are some great suggestions to add a zoom feature on the product page.

  • Magento Zoom
  • Magic Toolbox
  • Cloud Zoom

Use Magictoolbox Magic 360 to give visitors more options. This feature allows visitors to browse the complete catalogue of items available in the online shop.

Adding product categories on a landing page

This technique will help you establish more pleasant and comfortable customer experiences. Visitors to an online store can locate and buy what they need if the categories are straightforward to explore. Several eCommerce giants utilize this popular method of categorizing types of products.

Short order forms to improve the customer journey

The quantity of fields in your order form has a significant impact on conversion. Because online store visitors are interested and eager to buy, this is a critical step of the sales funnel. It is essential to consider these types of questions you will ask and the order you will ask them.

We can see how Namify used its checkout page in this example.

Visitors to the online store were requested to enter their zip code first. Namify increased conversion by 311 % thanks to an enhanced checkout procedure.

Live chat to assist customer queries

Your online store managers can assist in persuading hesitant clients by employing live-chat boxes. How? Answering their inquiries is all that is required.

Why are online store operators so fond of live chat boxes? Because they improve order value, conversion rate, and sales. Live chat is also beneficial since it allows online consumers to connect with management while being anonymous, providing an extra degree of comfort.

Particular page with sizing information

Create a dedicated page with all of the essential information if your items include sizing and measurements. Customers are more willing to purchase your product when they are informed about product specifics.


What will be your advice to someone starting an online eCommerce store? A/B test your eCommerce landing page techniques to see which ones work best. You can boost sales, improve conversion rates, and optimize the customer journey by employing the practical eCommerce landing page design concepts we discussed.

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