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How To Set Up WordPress eCommerce Tracking With Monster Insights

15 December 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Shopaholics

eCommerce tracking setup with Monster Insights Plugin

Setting up your WooCommerce enabled WordPress eCommerce store is an exciting prospect for any business looking to take on the exciting world of selling online. Going full eCommerce or augmenting your current brick and mortar business with eCommerce sales can be a fruitful exercise if you have the data required to improve your advertising, user experience and services continuously. One way to track what your visitors are doing is by adding Google Analytics eCommerce tracking.

Surprisingly many businesses don't take advantage of eCommerce tracking and all it can offer their site, which is a shame. WordPress makes it pretty easy to set up eCommerce tracking with the help of various plugins. One such Plugin is Monster insights which offer ready-made solutions for anyone to set up eCommerce tracking without knowing about code or being a data scientist.

What is eCommerce tracking?

Google Analytics is a great page view tracking tool that allows you to monitor the performance of any site with the tracking code installed. It will enable you to optimise your website for the users so that you can get more traffic. However, if you're selling products on your site, You might also monitor the traffic of your WooCommerce store sales as a general website performance on Google Analytics.

Ecommerce tracking will help you understand your potential clients, so you can improve the most visited product pages and make them even better for your customers.

However, you'll need to enable the enhanced Google Analytics eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce to track the shopping behaviour of your clients. These reports add considerable benefits to your WooCommerce store.

So how do you get it all setup?

Note: If you already have eCommerce tracking running and would like to upgrade to enhanced eCommerce tracking you can find a guide here

Set up Google Analytics eCommerce tracking with Monster Insights

  1. First, you will need to head over to your WordPress site and navigate to the plugin menu
  2. Download and install the MonsterInsights plugin
  3. Upon activation, you'll need to visit the Monster Insights plugin menu on your site.
  4. Select the Insights » Settings page.
  5. From there, click on the Authenticate with your Google account button.
  6. After a successful connection, you'll need to visit Insights » Addons to install and activate the MonsterInsights eCommerce addon.
  7. Visit the Insights » Settings page and click on the Tracking tab.
  8. In the left-hand menu, go to eCommerce and click the Use Enhanced eCommerce setting.
Note: This is a paid feature in Monster Insights so you'll need to purchase the plugin and the upgrades.

Setting up in Google Analytics

  1. Once activated, log in to your Google Analytics dashboard.
  2. Next, you'll need to click on your website name where you want to set up eCommerce tracking.
  3. Now, go to the Admin settings in the left-hand sidebar.
  4. On this page, you'll need to go to eCommerce Settings on the right side of your screen.
  5. Next, enable the Status and Related Products options. We've discussed these options above in the introduction.
  6. Once enabled, click on the Next button to continue.
  7. It'll display the Enhanced eCommerce Settings option. You need to enable this reporting option to view all the reports in Google Analytics.

It's as simple as that; now, you can view the complete reports for your WooCommerce store and get eCommerce transaction data reports with the help of Monster Insights' and Google Analytics.

Note: If you have Google Tag Manager installed on your WordPress site and would like to run eCommerce tracking then you can find a guide to doing it here

Want to improve your eCommerce tracking

If you have no clue on how to set up website tracking and would like an expert to handle it for you, feel free to contact us.

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